Skills Development Institute Bubanshwar: Lay the foundation stone for the upcoming campus for ICT-IOC-Bhubaneswar.

India Oil, under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, is managing SDI-Bhubaneswar as a “Greenfield Mega Model Multicultural Institute”, contributing 255 kroner.

Honorable Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Sri Hardep Singhuri, Chairman: India Oil Shri SMS Vidya

New Delhi: The SDI Permanent Campus of the Institute of Skills Development in Bubashwa was presented to the nation today in the presence of the Honorable Prime Minister of Odisha, Sri Naven Patnik, the Honorable Minister of Education and the Minister of Skills and Creativity, Sri Darmandra Prada. , Honorable Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Sri Hardde Singh Ruri, Union Minister and Petroleum Minister Shri Ramswar Teli, Member of Parliament Smt Aparajita Sarangi and Member of the Legislative Assembly, Jatni, Sri Sundrandra Rotter G. The event was hosted by IndianOil Shri SM VaidyaJi and Chairman, SDI and Director (HR), Indian Oil, Shri Ranjan Kumar Mohapatram.

Honorable Union Minister of Education and Skills and Creativity Shire Dahermanndra Pradhan

India Oil, under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas, is managing SDI-Bhubaneswar as a “Greenfield Mega Model Multicultural Institute”, contributing 255 kroner. IndianOil plans an additional investment of 80 million rubles. The SDI Permanent Campus in Jatni Tahsil, Kurdish Province, Odisha, was built on a 16-hectare site in Odisha State by the President of India, Shri Ramat. Covind March 18, 2018.

The institute estimates internationally based industry training using state-of-the-art infrastructure and technology to create an industry-ready pool of skills. Over the next ten years, SDIB aims to strengthen India’s and India’s Purvodaya mission by training more than 50,000 trainees through courses in various fields through the new campus. The SDI-Bhubaneswar pilot campus has already registered more than 1,200 candidates in various professions in more than 90% of the total placement. SDI-Bhubaneswar plans to launch new courses on the new campus by establishing excellence centers that meet industry standards.

The event was also attended by the IndianOil Bhubaneshwar Permanent Campus Bumi Jan Jan. The institute was established to enrich the country’s technical education and currently operates in Santa Pa, Buubanewar. IndianOil has donated 95 million rubles to run the institute, which offers a wide range of courses, including MTO, MTech, Integrated M Tech and PhD. The Odisha government has allocated 111.79 hectares of land to Godia in Matiyapada Delang Tahsil, while 73.86 hectares have been allocated in the first phase. ICT-IOC aims to benefit the community through capacity building, job creation and rural development.

Speaking on the occasion, Odyssey Prime Minister Shri Naven Patnik said, “I am delighted to see SDI Bhubaneswar launch from their new permanent campus in Bubanswa. I hope this institution will excel and provide training and placement support for Odisha youth. I am also pleased to see the construction of the new ICT-IOS permanent campus on the land provided by the Odisha State Government. The institute is known for its brilliant academic record and is expected to provide advanced technical education and research institutes in the field of chemical technologies and partner. In recent years, Odysseus has witnessed remarkable growth in the industry. Emphasizing the importance of these two institutions, the Prime Minister added, “Progressive and favorable business environment and future administration have helped the state to attract more investment. The regional government is focused on developing skills in compliance with international standards to facilitate industrial growth. And our efforts to make our children global entrepreneurs will soon become a reality. I hope SDI and ICT-ICO will add value to the industrial ecosystem in Odisha. ”

Explaining the Indian government’s focus on educating the youth of India, Minister of Education and Skills Driamndra Pradan said: . Today, I stand here with great joy and satisfaction as the Bubanewar Institute of Skills Development is ready to be given to the country. Thank you to the Prime Minister of Odysseus for giving the land permanently. Skills Development Institute Campus. It is equipped with the latest technology for digital mobility and has green and sustainable campus facilities such as solar power, biogas plant, etc.

Minister of Petroleum and Natural Gas and Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs, Sri Hardep Singh Ruri, said: We must give them. Opportunities to explore the untrained by using their talents, enthusiasm, and diligence. SDI Bubanevar has successfully provided such a platform for the youth, and many students have already benefited. The oil and gas sector has been a major factor in the country’s development, and I believe, with the efforts and support of oil PSUs such as SDIs, the country will find new heights and splendor. I would like to see SDI top among all the mega modeling academies that are currently being run. India”.

State Minister for Petroleum and Natural Gas, Shri Ramswar Telley, said: Personal work. The institute operates professionally with internationally accredited courses and is expected to rank various skills training processes. I am sure this institution will be a temple for all the best skills and innovations.

Speaking on the occasion, Indian Oil Chairman Mr. Sharikant Madvav Vadia said, “India’s mission is to grow India’s rich population. By driving that mission forward, the Indian Energy PSUs, led by the Ministry of Petroleum, have made significant efforts to strengthen this. Developing infrastructure skills in the country. IndianOil is proud to have the opportunity to lead this Mega Model Skills Academy internationally.

Date posted: 20-08-21

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