Six months without Tiger Woods? For golf fans, that is eternal

Tiger Woods at the 2021 Genesis Invitation, the final public appearance.

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We heard it live from Tiger Woods, half a year ago, at the Riviera Country Club during a CBS broadcast called “La Open”. By the way, Riviera Woods is one of the few historical tour courses that she has not won.

The leopard last spoke publicly, it was Sunday afternoon, but Woods, who had recently undergone surgery, did not wear the fifth, the usual red Sunday jersey. He wears red Game-Sunday Sunday. This Sunday he is dressed as a spectator and host.

In the quiet sunny Los Angeles afternoon, Woods wore a black hat, black or black shirt, and a black dress. He was polite with CBS, a black headset over his ear, and a small black microphone hanging in front of his mouth. With a leopard, every word counts.

All this time the TV camera was trained on him – on his face, and especially, on his eyes. He seems tired. The fact that the network lens is pointing at you like this, capturing each of your movements may be nerve-wracking to most of us, but for Woods, all he really knows. A few photos were taken instead – more documented, publicly captured.

In Genesis 2021, Jim Nantz interviewed Woods on CBS.

CBS Sports

We are so used to seeing tigers in the game slide that it is easy to forget one important fact about him – he is one of the most famous people in the world. Such fame comes at a price. If you are a prince or a movie star or an athlete, fame does not matter, it requires a certain amount of time. He is the one about the tiger In Our lives. Did we really go for half a year without hearing his voice, without seeing him do it? Something Alive and unwritten? It seemed impossible, but we did.

Monday End Tiger Woods River Henderson Mark Lishman

End Monday – Here is the latest photo of Tiger Woods

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Woods has found a place in our lives with red lights, especially on Sunday. That gave him a certain level of wealth, a certain level of fame. But in his many international advertising campaigns, he really multiplied his wealth and fame by actually opening events, exhibitions, clinics, press conferences, signature sessions, television shows, charities, and world travel.

Six months, no living tiger. Absence like a tiger as a professor is a kind of unusual record. Everyone knows why he wants to get off the tractor for a break, a break, a break. But the Sabbath he received was not really what he wanted. We can only imagine the pain, the pain of each kind. We all know about a car accident that can be fatal. One and a half days after the final live broadcast, that Sunday afternoon, at Riviera, CBS courtesy.

Respecting the epidemic protocols, Woods was in one place, that Sunday, and his companion Jim Nantz was in another. In a more memorable and very happy time in Butler Cabin basement studio. Woods won the fifth green robe and the 15th Grand Prize. He was emotional, reflective, and broad. And right.

Woods after the No. 15 victory.

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If you have listened to Woods in his interviews over the years – and he has thousands – you will know that he is often surprisingly accurate, alert and sharp. Each word says exactly what it means in the right place. But that Sunday, February, he did not perform in the usual way at Riviera Woods.

He told Nantz: “It’s crazy to see what they can do without fans. No energy. So they have to create it themselves. Anyone in your power-player relationship who creates that power and keeps it can climb on the board and even win contests. Not Mochabed. It does not look like a tiger Woods as usual.

The interview lasted for seven minutes, and Woods was certainly patient – including the various offenses of Max Homa, Cameron Smith, Tony Finaw and Jordan Spit – out of duty. The competition is basically fundraising. It was another aspect of their lives that they were very busy with. Every time a contract is signed, obligations are attached. A key part of the game of fame and fortune.

His life must have been more complicated than we know. He blooms the details and his life is crowded with them. On August 1, Woods “announced” that the annual December event at the Bahamas, the World Championships in Heroes, would take place after a one-year break this year and that 20 players would be fielded this year. , More than two. The real news was no news – on his Twitter page or on his Foundation website or anywhere, there was no idea that Woods could even play. In this case, no news was good news.

His life must have been more complicated than we know. He blooms the details and his life is crowded with them.

On Monday, February 22, Woods took part in a roundup at the Rolling Hills Country Club with Tiger: Celebrity Playing Lessons director Peter Berg, basketball player Jada Pinkett Smith and basketball player Dewey Wade and comedian David Spad.

On Tuesday morning, February 23, the tiger’s life changed. one more time. He left the hotel where he was staying, the Terrea Resort on the beach, and shot at Berg and drove to Rolling Hills for another day. Driving alone and traveling at speeds of up to 87 miles per hour on a 45-lane road, Woods drove the car: the Genesis SUV Battle-Ax, Hyundai Luxury Room – a four-lane road out of a tree. According to the police report, Woods never used the brake pedal. The car took control. His body was badly injured.

Tiger Forest by torrey pines 2008

We thought we knew Tiger Woods when he won the US Open with Tory Pins. We were not

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Michael Bamberger

Woods did not say what caused the accident. He said nothing about his physical condition and his mental state.

That is not surprising at all. Woods takes many clues from his father’s military training – he puts the cards closer to his shirt. You can’t expect Michael Phelps, Naomi Osaka, Simon Bills, Matthew Wolf. It is not built for that. In his DNA, he refuses to show athleticism and human vulnerability. You can say whatever you want about the costs of traveling this way in life, but he is a golfer with 82 PGA Tour winners, and no one has more.

The leopard’s final race may be unusually great in his life. That means he finished seventh in the Father’s Day event in Orlando in December, and Woods played with his 11-year-old son Charlie. Woods seems to be shocked by the interviews – understandably. He is a single father who plays his son’s golf course in public. He would put his own son On public display. But you can’t imagine a more involved father giving Charlie all the lessons he needs. There was never a Charlie game or anything else that Leopard managed to do. If anything, he did the opposite. We can see Woods as we have never seen him before. Every parent has his or her own tricks, but Woods seems to be a role model.

Father and son in December.

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On the last day, Woods ‘daughter Sam and his ex-wife, Eli, were walking off the fence with Woods’ girlfriend, Erica Herman. That Sunday, December 20, Tiger Woods looks happy. After all, after almost 45 years? He seems to be in a good position. No one knows what Tuesday, February 23, will bring.

This is very small, but we don’t know if the next thing is on his ticket – a tiger for next month’s Ryder Cup in Cochler, Whiskey, where he is expected to serve as an assistant captain. .

I have written and emailed Mark Steinberg, a trained lawyer and longtime representative of Woods, to provide up-to-date information on tiger safety, but to date they have not received a response. That is not surprising. There was no response from Eric Herman, Leopard’s girlfriend, or Rob Mcnamara, a staff member close to Woods.

Leopard Wood Colin Moricawa Farmers Insurance Opened

Leopard Woods taught Colin Morica about the intellectual metal game

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Meanwhile, Tiger Woods business will continue without Tiger Woods. You will see it in the TaylorMade ads during golf TV. In press conferences, Rory McLeroy, Justin Thomas and Ricky Fuller reported seeing Woods in South Florida in person and that he was recovering from his injuries. Leopard posted a short interview of himself posting a photo of himself on a crutch Golf grinding.

Surprisingly, GOLFTV, with a concert Golf Grinding – Both Corporate Leopards released three 22-minute episodes, one with Jada Pinkett Smith, the other with Dewan Wade, and the other with David Spad. Each of them runs white letters on a black background during opening times. It reads:

“This series was recorded on February 22, 2021, a day before the Leopard Woods car accident. We are sharing this content with the blessing of Leopard and his guests. ”

Probably Blessing It is the perfect word for that sentence. Probably not. Hard to say. In any case, it is hard to imagine that contract lawyers were not involved in the release of the first three episodes. After all, there are lawyers for every tiger. Doctors, too. This has not always been the case for Tiger Woods, but for some of us, the boy we first saw 30 or so years ago went a long way and there is a middle-aged man in his place who is different from everyone else.

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