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Belfast, Maine – Summer and Spring 2022 Enrollment is open to both undergraduate and postgraduate courses, certificates, and degree programs through the University of Maine Huchinson. There is a limited interest-based scholarship. The deadline for scholarship applications is December 15, 2021.

Hachinson Center offers five complete UMaine undergraduate degree programs: Economics, Business Administration, Political Science, Design Engineering Technology, and University Studies. In addition, there will be physical or hyflex courses at the Umayyad Hachinson Center in Belfast this spring, in the basics of art, chemistry, composition, creative writing, graphic novels and psychology. Learn more about Hutchinson Center course offers and supply modes over here.

A.D. A.D. In the fall of 2021, the Hachsenon Center became the centerpiece of the University of Maine at the University of Maine with a bachelor’s degree and certification program. Programs include Associate Health of Arts (AA), Associate Health (AS), Business Associate (AS), Business and Entrepreneurship Law or Consumer Law, and Certificates of Outreach and Employment, GIS, Human Resources, and Mental Health and Rehabilitation. Technician Certification. Click here to learn more about UMM programs At the Hutchinson Center.

Future students are welcome to contact the Hutchinson Center at 207.338.8000 or by email To make an appointment with an academic advisor.

Hachinson Center supports students throughout their academic journey. From early childhood high school students to traditional first-year students and non-traditional students after a long stay or adult students returning to school, Hachinson Center is ready and willing to help individuals determine their needs and meet their academic goals. .

There are a number of interest-based scholarships available to eligible Hachinson Center students. The deadline for scholarship applications is December 15, 2021. More information about scholarships. Online.

For more information on classes, certificates, degree programs, scholarships, or starting or continuing your college career, visit Kim Wilson-Raymond at Hachinson Center.; Visit 207.338.8034 or

About Hachinson Center

The Hachsenon Center is a destination for the University of Maine in Orono and serves as a center for education and culture in the Midwest. The award was given to the President of the University of Maine, Emeritus Frederick E. It’s Huchinson. The mission of the Hachinson Center is to expand the University of Maine’s academic and non-degree programs and services, lifelong learning opportunities, and professional and career development experiences using new approaches that increase collaboration between Maine systems and Maine University departments. And divisions, and involving the wider Maine community.

About Maine University:

A.D. Founded in 1865, the University of Maine, Oreno, is a state-owned land grant, maritime aid and space support university with a regional campus at the University of Maine in Machiavelli. UMaine is located on the island of Marsh, in the Penncots country of origin. UMaine Machias is a native of the Pascamode Nation. As a major public university in Maine, the Umayyad state has a mission of teaching, research and economic development and community service. UMaine is the state’s only public research university and one of the most comprehensive higher education institutions in the Northeast. It attracts students from all 50 states and 81 countries. UMaine currently enrolls 11,989 undergraduate and postgraduate students and UMaine Machias enrolls 747 undergraduate students. Our students have the opportunity to engage in research with world-class scholars. UMaine offers more than 100 degree programs in which students earn master’s, doctorate or professional science degrees, as well as postgraduate certificates. UMaine Machias offers 18 degree programs. The university promotes environmental protection by working hard to save energy, recycle energy, and adhere to green building standards. Visit for more information about UMaine and UMaine Machias And

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