Siemens Gemesa claims to be world’s first reusable beach wind turbine knife

Siemens Gemessa has launched what it calls the world’s first reusable sea wind turbine knife. “Reusable” is ready for beach business, and Siemens Gemsa has already signed agreements with three customers.

Reusable beach wind turbine knife

The first six 266-foot-long (81-meter-long) Spanish recycling company, RecyclableBlades, was operated by a razor factory in Alberg, Denmark.

This announcement is a major step towards the goal of Siemens Gamesa to fully utilize turbines by 2040.

Siemens Gemesa is working closely with German power company RWE to install and operate RecyclableBlades on the Kassas coastal wind farm, which will be operational from 2022. Project. And finally, they are working with the German WPD to install RecyclableBlade sets on one of their future beach wind farms.

How it works

According to Siemens Gemsa –

Siemens Gamesa wind turbine knives are made of a combination of materials combined with glue to build a strong and flexible lightweight structure. The chemical structure of this new type of glue allows it to be able to effectively separate the glue from other components at the end of its working life. This simple process protects the properties of the material in the knife, unlike other existing ways of recycling conventional wind turbine flames.

Therefore, once it is time to reuse the razor, the glue is immersed in a warm, mild acid solution that separates it from fiberglass, plastic, wood and metal. Separated materials can then be recycled, washed, and dried.

Materials are now ready to be used in new products related to their technical properties in the automotive industry, or in consumer goods such as flight containers and flat screens.

Watch this short video describing the knives and the recycling process:

Take Electro

85% of wind turbines are already recyclable, but so far it has been difficult to recycle wind turbine knives in a cost-effective way.

What to do with wind turbine knives after the end of their life cycle has been a hotly debated topic in this fast-growing energy sector. Blade recycling removes a lot of waste.

According to Siemens Gemsa, more than 200,000 knives could now be reused in all new beach projects planned by 2050 worldwide. And the great thing is that the company is now able to reuse the bricks.

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Photo – Siemens Gemsa

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