Should we give rest to the Lord and respect its growth?

AAfter four years of waiting, most of us were disappointed. Last week, her first album, Pop Lord, became popular at the age of 16 Pure heroism, Finally releases her much-anticipated third record, Solar energy, And a ton of her previous work.

Lord of the Rings album, 2017 Melodrama, Went gold in the UK and placed two platinum in his native New Zealand, as well as several end-of-year lists. Her three-year relationship with photographer James Lowe was taken from the source, and the “album” was smashed between piano ballads, which were equally bitter between “accountability” and “super cool.” Internet Pocket immediately identified the album as a collection of “Depression” – the perfect soundtrack for our potential grief, heart attack and injury. Solar energy, However, it is completely different.

Signs of neglect were from pre-release paddles. In June, the star unveiled the cover of the album: Happy-Go-Lucky: Her beautiful, cheeky cheeks, in the dark as she floated on the beach. This was a far cry from the deep blue, star Buddhist painting that the singer had ordered for the cover Melodrama. The effects of the epidemic, especially on the rainy beaches of Britain, are thought to be at an all-time low. At the end of the month, Lord announced to fans in her newspaper: “I want you to meet someone. Legs are always empty. She is sexy, playful, polite and free. She is a modern-day girl who trembles greatly when summer comes, considering her past and future. This Lord seems to reveal a new personality; The teenager, who was involved in her previous work, was, in our shock, displaced by Sakarin Aura, almost completely relieved. In a jokey case, a virus tweeted: “I think 2014 Lord 2021 hates Laure.”

The album itself did not change any of these expectations (although some critics have suggested that everything could be an artistic performance). The acoustic lyrics on the title track give the impression of Jason’s poisonous song in the late 2000’s. The views of the music video – which are supposed to cool the beach, but come as strong and compact – are very similar. Sonicity, the rest of the album never looked back, with Independent He describes his entire career as “more than happy.”

At first glance, the Lord’s supporters seem to be offended by the star’s joy. That is not the case. Instead, we are struggling to reconcile the image of Lord Mame-Fifty, purple-lipstick sad girl with new reality. In the four years since she left (and considering the singer she left her social media, she really used to She went), strengthened in the minds of fans as an ambassador for anger. If we only looked at our music consumption through the Spotify playlists, then Lord sat in a state of “sad vibration,” and she did not release anything new to oppose that idea. Although long ago, inheritance Melodrama It has been kept very alive online (I personally still listen to it), and therefore the sand, sea and sunrise feel like a sudden turn. And as her former feelings faded, some of the Lord’s poetic vibrations and poems seemed to go together. Amazing lines like “Can we reach me? / No, they can’t.”

Lord is far from the first artist to re-energize herself. The perfect historical example is Bob Dylan famous Blaine on the block A.D. In 1966, a fan in Manchester shouted, “Judas!” He saw him screaming. Earlier, acoustic pop singer was plugged into an electric guitar. In fact, “Wild Metal” has reached Dylan Blaine on the block He is now widely recognized as the epitome of professionalism (although many of the singers later came online). A more modern comparison is Kanye West’s guest and experimental album JesusA.D. It was criticized by critics after its release in 2013, but is now regarded as a genre. The problem with Solar energy, However, he simply does not feel like a revolutionary new voice or image to the Lord – on the contrary, he seems very empty, original and modern.

Brinny Spurs wore a school uniform in 2001

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Even though we feel left out, we must admit that artists are always moving forward, experimenting, and constantly renewing themselves. It is an essential part of creating a career while remaining important to ensure you are more than a miracle. For more than four decades, Madonna has suffered as a traveler to reunite: Punish Pop Princess, Pure Church Servant, Eighties Disco Diva, Skin-toned Superhero and Model X. Brini , Sounds and themes play.

During this time, Taylor Swift renewed herself in two years. Discussing the implications of this process in a Netflix documentary last year America America, She said: “It’s a new toy for everyone for two years. Female artists are 20 times more likely than male artists. Whether they have it or not, you are out of work. People always have to rediscover their new features, which they find shiny. I can’t help but think in one line Melodrama“Accountability” – “The truth is, I’m a toy that people enjoy (unless all the tricks work” from now on, and they are boring for me.

They have points. Music does not have to be a cookie cutter line to meet specific consumer needs, and the challenge of seeing things this way is one of the worst aspects of fundraising. Artists are human beings, and their music comes in the context of a life experience: in this case, the 2017 division that disturbs the heart of the Lord. Lord is no longer sad, and he really talked about going offline and getting a lot of psychiatric stuff, about her healing journey to better mental health. It may not apply to all of us, but equally, it is absurd to ask her to return to her former self. Solar energy“He was stoned in the nail salon”, “All the music you loved at the age of 16 will always change.” Change is a part of music and life – and as the Lord put it, the two are intertwined.

Artists do not always accept “renewal” with open arms, but they do push the boundaries of the genre well and push their audience as well. Even at their worst, they still represent the artist’s attempt, and the next step in evolution. While Solar energy She may fall into the latter camp, the silver lining is indeed the Lord’s pleasure, and you cannot blame her for this.

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