September 2021: Kaplan MCT hurdles put prescriptions to the test

If you are preparing for a medical college entrance exam® (M.C.T.®), Would like to consult an expert. These choices from the Kaplan MCAT Daily Questionnaire series will help you strengthen your skills as you prepare to embark on your journey to medical training.

The questions below come from the four components of the MCAT: the basics of biological and biochemical living systems, and the psychological, social, and biological principles. The chemical and physical foundations of biological systems are covered in this series. The fourth part, critical analysis and reasoning skills (commonly called CARS), is largely based on.

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Question A student is trying to determine the type of cover transport that occurs in a cell. She finds that the molecule being transported is very large and polar, and that no force is required on the surface. Which of the following means of transportation?

A Active transportation

B Easy distribution

C. Optimal distribution

D Exocytosis

The correct answer is C.

Kaplan explains why: We are asked to identify the type of transport that allows a large, polar molecule to pass through the membrane at no energy expense. This condition describes the optimal distribution of transport proteins – or channels – to facilitate the movement of large, polar molecules on a single, hydrophobic surface. Optimal transmission, like light transmission, does not require power, which explains why ATP is not used in this transport process.

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Question Prolonged deficiency of vitamin B12 may be associated with a deformity of the spinal cord. Patients with this condition find it difficult to walk because they have lost the ability to walk in space. This represents the loss:

A Vestibular sensation

B A sense of kinship

C. Parallel process

D Behavior recognition

The correct answer b.

Kaplan explains why: Sensitivity, or propriorism, refers to the ability of the body to communicate in three directions. Professional sensors are found primarily in muscles and joints. Loss of vestibular sensation, choice A, also causes difficulty walking, but this is due to dizziness or dizziness, inability to feel the legs.

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