Selkirk College offers student accommodation in Castelgar, Nelson

With the approval of regional funding for 148 beds in two new buildings, students at Celkirk College in Castelgar and Nelson will be more accessible to student housing.

These new buildings will provide additional housing options on campus as they help reduce rent-market pressure in both communities.

“Students will be successful in their academic pursuits when they can focus on their education,” said Anne Kang, Minister of Higher Education and Skills Training. “That’s why we are investing in student housing throughout BC as part of our 10-year plan. Adding these new locations in Castelgar and Nelson means that many students can decide on their education without having to worry about where they will be called home during the school year.

The three-story Castlegar building has 112 new student beds, while the two-story Nelson Building on Silver King Campus will have 36 new student beds. Both buildings include two family rooms and two accessible rooms.

It will be interesting to see what this new home will do for future students at our Regional College. “The college is the driver of our region’s manpower, and graduates are in every corner of our community. We need to make sure that people have a stable home when they go to school, and I would like to thank CBT, the Minister responsible for CBT Basin Trust, for its continued support to Silkirk College.

Selkirk College has more than 2,800 full-time students. The college currently offers 100 beds at the Castelgar Campus and 109 beds on Nelson Tenth Campus. It will be the first student residence on the Silver King campus in Nelson.

“Prices at an affordable price after high school are fundamental to our mission at Selkirk College,” said Angus Grame, president of Selkirk College. “These new units will enable us to address the local student housing crisis and support more students in safe and secure housing. Having affordable living opportunities on campus near classrooms and services means students can focus on their academic success and programs.

Construction is expected to be completed by early 2022, summer 2023. The projects are expected to include 111 direct jobs and 59 indirect jobs.


Britney Anderson, MLA for Nelson-Christen

The challenge of finding affordable housing for post-secondary students in the Nelson area has been an issue for many years. We are working hard with various Ministries and Secondary Institutions to provide affordable housing for the most needy British Colombians. When students arrive in these new classes, it removes the pressure from the overall housing market and that is good news for everyone.

Johnny Striff, president and CEO of the Colombian Basin Trust

“We know that affordable housing continues to be a major challenge for students in the Colombian Basin, especially in the region. In Castelgar and Nelson, we are pleased to partner with Selkirk College to support these two projects, enable skills development, support overall community safety, and increase energy-efficient housing options.

Rice Andrews, Vice President of Education, Selkirk College-

Affordable campus housing contributes significantly to student success. This wonderful announcement means that many of our students will have the opportunity to make new friends and find safe and modern accommodation on campus close to classrooms and services. These are important factors that contribute to student participation, safety and overall success.

Jess Lamorex, Student, Selkirk College –

“I live in a dormitory, I have only a short walk from all my classes and extracurricular activities. It also opens up many other opportunities, such as campus work, student engagement, and making new friends. Living on campus makes the post-secondary journey of many students the first and most memorable. ”

Quick facts

  • The $ 24.5 million new student housing facility received $ 23.6 million from the government, $ 17.8 million in grants and $ 5.8 million in loans. The rest of the funding is provided by CBT.
  • Founded in 1966, Selkirk College was the first rural community college in British Columbia. It has campuses in Castlegar, Nelson, Duka and Grand Fork.
  • The college offers more than 2,800 full-time students annually through certification, diploma, bachelor’s degree, cooperative and continuing education programs.

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