Self-help enterprises and Sunshine are celebrating the completion of a solar installation for rent in the San Joaquin Valley.

Orossi, California, August 18, 2021 (Globes Newsweire) – A nationally recognized community development organization, self-help enterprises and Sunshine (Nasdaq Ran), the nation’s leading home solar, battery storage and energy provider, in the San Joaquin Valley. Ribbon cutting ceremony was held to mark the completion of a new solar installation for 60 affordable rental houses in the agricultural community. Of Sand Creek The 138-kilowatt solar project, which provides job training to residents in the fast-growing clean energy sector, saves about $ 50 a month.

A.D. In 2018, Surin pledged to develop 100 megawatts of solar-powered multi-family homes in California through Multifamily Affordable Housing through the solar state. (SOMAH) Program. In addition, by 2021, Sunrun has promised to bring in at least one 500 MW Low-income solar energy by 2030 nationwide. These efforts will provide solar benefits to hundreds of thousands of families.

“I am delighted that Surun and self-help enterprises are expanding access to solar and savings in the Valley of the Center,” said Lyn Jurrick, Suru’s CEO and co-founder. This partnership is just beginning.

Sunrun and Self-Help Enterprises have worked together to complete five solar projects to date with funding from the Low Income Climate Program (LIWP). There are currently 14 additional joint projects under construction in California.

“We are happy for our residents of Sand Creek Apartments, who save up to $ 50 a month on their utility bills,” said Tom Colisha, CEO of Self-Help Enterprises. “This means more money in their pockets for other essentials such as grocery and transportation. It is such partnerships that can make a real difference in people’s lives.

The SOAA focuses on human resource development and tenant participation. Each SOMAH project, including Sand Creek, offers paid job training opportunities in the fast-growing clean energy sector.

“We are thrilled to see a Sand Creek tenant participate in this project as an intern, as well as a student from a local training partner. William M. Maguwi School of Education Protas, Inc .; “The SAA appreciates the partnership between Self-Help Enterprises and Surun to provide on-the-job solar installation training to their tenants and the local community.

In addition, through the SOMAH program, Sunrun has partnered with the GRID Alternative Job Training Program to train more than 100 California residents in solar loads to date.

“I am very happy with the savings,” said Christian Vasquez, a husband of two years and a longtime resident of Sand Creek apartments. “We can use that money to pay bills and to pay for gas and even my family. My wife and I are really happy. ”

The Sand Creek property provides a wealth of facilities and services not only for the residents but also for the local community. In addition to Book Book, Community Building regularly offers programs such as digital literacy training, GID / Continuing Courses, after-school programs and ESL classes in which neighbors and residents participate.

About self-help organizations
Self-Help Enterprises (SHE) is a nationally recognized community development organization that works with low-income families to build and maintain healthy homes and communities. A pioneer and leading provider of condominium housing in the United States, SHE’s work today includes a variety of efforts to build better homes and communities for farm workers and other hardworking families. Since 1965, SHE has provided technical assistance to more than 160 reliable water and sanitation facilities, helping more than 6,400 households to build their own homes, rehabilitating more than 6,300 unsafe homes, and developing more than 1,800 units of affordable rental housing. Small communities. SHE’s commitment to providing resources and training to individuals builds the capacity of the most effective leaders in communities and encourages collaborative solutions to improve communities. These combined efforts have affected the lives of more than 60,000 families, providing family safety and stability, and building more productive communities.

The Solar Multi-Family Homes (SOH) program provides $ 100 million annually for the installation of photovoltaic (PV) power systems on multi-family affordable housing in California. The program’s unique, community-based approach ensures long-term, direct economic benefits for low-income families, and stimulates the solar market in many households and helps create jobs. The SAA is funded by the California Public Utilities Commission and is funded by Pacific Gas and Electric Company, San Diego Gas and Electric Company, Southern California Edison Company, Liberty Utilities Company and Pacificifor Corporation Greenhouse Gas Allowance. SOMAH aims to generate 300 MW generating capacity by 2030. Please visit for more information

About Sunrun
Sunrun Inc. (Nasdaq: RUN) The country’s leading company is home solar, battery storage and energy services. A.D. Founded in 2007, Sunrun plans to make local solar energy available to all, with little or no prepaid. Sunrun’s innovative home battery solution, Brybox, brings affordable, invigorating and reliable power to families. The company can also manage and share stored solar energy from its batteries, reducing our reliance on polluting energy sources. For more information, please visit

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