SEC is investigating Tesla for damaged solar panels | Participatory

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is investigating Teslan following a complaint by the company that the company did not disclose various security concerns related to the solar panels on the roof. Per , The agency acknowledged the allegations in a statement issued by former Tesla employee Stephen Hex (pictured above).

A.D. In 2019, the car ignored a request to inform users and supervisors about security issues with solar panels and spoke to the SEC. One of them contains faulty electrical wiring.

A.D. In 2020, Hex sued Tesla, and the company retaliated. “The attorney general has warned that disclosing any publicity to this matter will damage Tesla’s reputation,” Henx said in a complaint. According to the indictment, more than 60,000 residential customers were injured in the Hinkes’ litigation.

The investigation follows several years of reports of security concerns on Tesla solar panels. A.D. In 2019, Walmart went after seven solar panels after the solar panels. When the two companies eventually settled, Walmarth said at the time, Tesla would regularly send “basic solar training and unskilled supervisors.” The company’s panels are also overcrowded. Tesla solar panels reportedly caught fire in California that same year.

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