Scottish Prime Minister David Duguid has strongly argued that the Kambo oil field is “needed”.

The newly-elected MSP told East Lotian: “He was” against the development of Cambo “as he recently told an environmental event in Edinburgh.

Prime Minister Nicolas Sturge has previously said that the Cambodian field is a matter for the British government, and called for a review of the current oil and gas licenses in response to the growing demand for oil and gas.

Ms. Sturgeon’s letter provoked an angry response from several environmental groups, who accused her of not going far enough.

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The North Sea oil industry could expand from the west coast of Thailand to the Kambo field. Picture: Getty Images / iStockphoto

“I am not a member of the Scottish Government. I am a member of SNP and I am MSP there. I do not support it. Four points. no need.

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Nicolas Sturge accused of ‘delaying’ after being called for ‘review’…

“The Fraser Alderder report really mentions opportunities for Scotland to increase renewable energy. he is there. We do not need it. We do not want it to move forward.

“Now, I can say that it can hit my back, but who knows, but the main thing for me is that we already have the solution.

SNP East Lothian MSP Paul McLennan

“We do not need [a] A New Oil Farm ”

Maclena’s comments at the July 30 event could be heard as part of a Greenpeace recording, and SNP MP Tommy Pardy may also come after he emphasized his opposition to Cambo in the Edinburgh night news.

Scottish Minister David Duguid, for his part, defended the proposed Cambo oil field, saying energy sources were “still important”.

Tory MPs’ comments come Tuesday before meeting with Cicar Point Energy in Aberdeen to discuss a proposed oil field near the west coast of Sethland.

A field exploration license was issued in 2001, and the Oil and Gas Authority is considering whether to allow more than 800 million barrels of oil to be extracted from the site.

Mr Duguid said: “As we move toward clean, low carbon and renewable energy, demand for oil and gas is declining even in new areas such as Cambo.

But until that transition ምንጮች Sources like Kambo are still needed.

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