Scottish Golf with EBC as Official EV Pay Point Provider – Scottish Business News

Scottish Golf announced today that it will partner with EVC, an electric vehicle charger partner, to partner with charging infrastructure throughout Scotland.

EVC is a well-established EV charging network. With 324 chargers in the current network, a total of 500 chargers for renewable energy will be closed by the UK in 2021.

“Providing charging equipment in golf courses in Scotland encourages more people to switch to electric vehicles.”

This will coincide with the release of 100,000 charging points over the next five years, with an additional 6,000 chargers added to the public network by 2022.

EBC UK, in partnership with the Government’s net zero emission plan, is focusing on providing zero-cost charging solutions to facilitate the transition to electric vehicles.

The need for more affordable pay points in the UK has never been more clear compared to the same period last year, when sales of electric vehicles grew sharply in September and 75% on the road.

Scotland Golf’s partnership with EVC relieves stress for members and visitors alike, giving them confidence that they will be served by the EVA charger when they arrive.

The multi-year partnership allows any governing body affiliated with clubs to upload charging points through the EVC.

The affiliated clubs will receive EVC-funded free trade solutions to ensure that courses in Scotland are certified and ready for future EV drivers.

Commenting on the announcement, EBC Managing Director Nick Balami said:

“Providing charging facilities in Scottish golf courses will encourage more people to switch to electricity and provide greenery in the future.”

Ian Forsit, Chief Marketing Officer of Scotland Golf: “Golf Clubs in Scotland offer a fantastic opportunity to develop a sustainable charging network for electric vehicles.

“We are thrilled to announce this new partnership with EBC, which gives our clubs the opportunity to be part of this network and to use access points for their members and visitors when they visit.

“As a governing body, we are committed to supporting efforts to reduce carbon emissions and with this new partnership, Scottish golf clubs can do the same, making it easier for golf players to convert to electric vehicles,” he said.

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