Scotland expands post-graduate postgraduate education to Europe

To avoid a major drop in post-brake applications, Scotland’s Postgraduate Program covers students from the European Union.

The Stuart government is allocating 25 2.25 million to pay for the expansion of the Sallar Scholarship Program, which supports students at master level courses.

Hundreds of EU students will benefit from the announcement, the ministers said.

The Salret Scholarship currently targets applicants from Canada, China, India, Japan, Pakistan and the United States, and offers up to ,000 8,000 in scholarships at any Scottish University full-time program. Currently, the program covers courses in science, technology, innovation, health care and medical science, and renewable energy.

According to Scottish Higher Education Minister Jamie Hepburn, the program is being extended due to a 41 percent drop in the number of EU students enrolling in Scottish universities this year.

“Our new scholarship program will help strengthen and strengthen our relationship with the European Union and send a clear message that Scotland is open to business for European students,” Mr Hepburn said.

“Last year we saw a significant reduction in the number of applications from EU students here. We are determined to do all we can to reverse the damage caused by Brexit and to promote Scotland’s education system globally.

EU students lost their academic credentials at Scottish universities this fall, leading to a sharp drop in applications.

The Scottish government said it could “consider it necessary to use the Salret Scholarship for undergraduate studies.” Applicants for Scottish Colleges will receive financial support for higher national level, higher national certification and higher national diploma courses.

Earlier this year, Holyrood announced a ሚሊዮን 3 million Salreter Research Prize program to “revitalize and repair” European research partnerships in the wake of “recent breach of breach”.

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