Scientists are concerned about Biden’s nuclear weapons policy

PORTSMOUTH – Concerns of the Union of Scientists have sent a message to the city’s mall on Saturday about the threat of nuclear war, with President Joe Biden and Biden National Security Adviser Jack Sullivan living in Portsmouth hoping to get the attention of the two US leaders.

“Biden has made it clear that he wants to work on nuclear disarmament and that he will pursue a ‘no-nonsense’ policy,” he said. On the New Hampshire Peace Action Board and UCS Consultant. “That means spending billions to build the existing weapons.”

UCS brought the Brink campaign to Portsmouth because the team thought Sullivan might be at home at Portsmouth for a weekend of Thanksgiving. UCS has signed letters to Biden and Congress, including 29 from New Hampshire, saying, “Courageous action and leadership to eliminate and endanger the threat to their communities and nuclear weapons. the world.”

According to the Washington Post, Biden’s administration is scheduled to meet this month to discuss “declaring a nuclear non-proliferation target” to prevent or avenge a nuclear attack. Partners and Republicans.

Longtime political activist Ira Helfand spoke at Portsmouth on Saturday, November 27, 2021 against the proliferation of nuclear weapons.

Doctors for Social Responsibility Nuclear Weapons Disarmament Committee and International Physicians Nuclear War Prevention Coalition President Ira Helfand gave a final and brief speech.

“I had a lot to say but here we are all cold,” he said.

Helfand He recalled that in 1982, the call for the disarmament of nuclear weapons was attended by 1 million people in New York City Central Park.

“Today we have 20 people,” he said.

However, according to Helfand, the younger generation does not consider nuclear war to be a war.

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