Schools will settle natural gas bills in February

Topeka, Khan. (WIBW) – Kansas Asok. School boards have agreed to help Kansas schools recover more than $ 4 million from high February natural gas bills.

KASB announced Friday that it has reached an agreement with Simmetry Energy Solutions. It solves problems around the February 2021 cold snap, which has left many public schools accounting for natural gas bills ten times more than usual.

KASB acted on behalf of the Kansas Common Resource Management Program (KJUMP). It represents 178 K-thru-12 public school districts, community colleges and special education cooperatives. Austin Harris and KASB say that almost everyone has accepted the settlement.

“We are fortunate to work with a company that supports the unique status and undeniable social value of public schools. Simmetry has opened up a number of lines of communication that allow us to work together quickly and voluntarily, ”Harris said. Finally, we were able to reach a decision that excluded our members from the severe financial impacts associated with natural gas prices.

Harris was unable to provide details on the deal due to unofficial requirements, but said the deal would save more than $ 4 million in total. The average member said the bill would be reduced by about 50 percent.

13 News A previously reported 437 Auburn Washington usually pays $ 5,000 a month for gas, but in February it was $ 45,000.

$ 501 Topoka is worth $ 512,000. 13 News reports that at a May 20 meeting of the Board of Education, members were told that a settlement could be reduced by 44 percent or about $ 204,000.

In a statement, a symmetry spokesman said he was happy to be able to help the schools.

“Considering the importance of their mission, we have worked hard to reach a decision that suits the schools,” the spokesman said.

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