SCCI rejects decision to block gas supply to KP industries

PESHAWAR: The President of the Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCCI), Bazaar Bilur, on Saturday rejected a decision to suspend gas supply to industries and the CNG sector in Kiber Pakuntukwa. He spoke to industry experts here and called for action against the region’s constitutional rights to produce extra gas.

SCCI Sui North Gas Pipes Limited (SNGPL) has issued a notice on September 13, 2021 regarding the suspension of gas supply in the name of freight management for general industries and CNG sector until the situation improves.

Sharbaz Bill has called on the government to reconsider its decision, or else the business community will protest. He said it would be blocking the supply of gas to the industry, which had already stalled due to the cholera epidemic.

In addition to delaying export orders for industrial areas, gas outages affect production.

Although the industries did not receive adequate supply of goods, KP was producing excess gas from its total consumption, in violation of Article 158-a of the Constitution.

He explained that the consumption of gas from the PAPuntuwawa, which produces an estimated 400 million cubic feet per day (MMFF), is about 200 million cubic feet (MFF) per day.

SCCI President Hamad Azar, Federal Energy Minister Hamad Azar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Petroleum Tabish Gohar, SAPM Prime Minister Mahmoud Khan and other relevant officials have called for the lifting of gas and electricity bans to industries.

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