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Riyadh Season Gross Groves offers relaxing spa, shopping, entertainment, culinary experiences

Riyadh has opened its doors to Groups, Visitors Spa, restaurants, shops and shows, one of the 14 zones of Riyadh Season.

Groves organizes work and leisure at The House, which includes luxury apartments.
Groham’s general manager Siham Hassanain told Arab News:
She said: “Visitors can hear the sounds of fountains, water and birds … The place smells special. The Groves logo contains the four elements of life: water, air, fire, and earth.
“So I used these four elements of life in Groves. Water is like relaxation, fire is an activity and attraction, land is food, air is a memory.
The zone has many open spaces, including al-Jalsan.


• Combined work and leisure at Groves The House, which includes luxury lounge rooms.

• While in the Groves, people can enjoy some of the best tea experiences in the afternoon, including the birds of Eden, in the afternoon tea, in the aviary.

Afternoon High Tea Experience People, including the birds of Eden, can enjoy a variety of attractions while in Groves, the best tea being served in an aviary full of classical live music. Other restaurants, such as GEM.IN.I and El Lechazo, offer a variety of dishes.
Fashionistas can purchase their latest collections from local designers, and dog owners and pets can meet for the first time in Dog Park Lucaland in Riyadh.

Dog owners and pets can meet for the first time in Riyadh at Dog Park Lucaland.

Hassanain, founder of Siham International Trading Company, a Saudi company that operates in the hospitality, food and beverage industry, said Groves will be in Wadi Hanifa’s views in the city’s diplomatic quarter.
“Nature and trees are all around. Wadi Hanifa offers a unique experience … a place to relax.
“Each zone in Riyadh has its own unique experience. If you want an active location, head to Boulevard Riyadh City. Visit Al-Murabaa to try international restaurants. If you are looking for an Arab night experience in the desert, it is Riyadh Oasis.
“But Groves is nature, fun and quiet, so each zone has its own taste,” she added.


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