Saudi Arabia By 2060, it has set a goal of net zero greenhouse gas emissions.

Saudi Arabia, one of the world’s largest oil exporters, has announced a goal of doubling its annual target to achieve zero zero greenhouse gas emissions and reduce carbon emissions by 2060.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman made the announcement in a short script at the launch of the government’s first Saudi Green Initiative Forum.

“The Saudi government plans to reach zero-net emissions through its carbon economy program by 2060 … It is maintaining the government’s leading role in strengthening the security and stability of global oil markets,” he said.

It comes just a week before the start of the Cop26 International Conference in Glasgow, which will attract leaders from around the world to tackle global warming and its challenges.

Cop26 President Alok Sharma welcomed the announcement. Sharma tweeted: “I hope this exciting announcement will inspire others. Before COP26, I was looking forward to seeing more details on the Saudi plan.”

Saudi Arabia is expected to emit about 600m tons of carbon dioxide a year – more than France and slightly less than Germany.

Despite its dependence on fossil fuels, the government’s oil and gas exports are the backbone of its economy. She has resisted efforts to curb her investment in oil.

The country aims to reduce its own emissions but will continue to export and export fossils to Asia and other regions.

At a rally in Riyadh on Saturday, Prince Charles welcomed the target but said there was a “dangerous window” to speed up the process.

Citing experts, he said the UN Conference on Climate Change (NDCs) should have clear origins.

He said the Saudi Middle East and Riyadh-wide Middle East Green Initiative, which will be held on Monday, will help accelerate growth.

In a pre-recorded message, Charles was quoted as saying:

“Cop26 is said to be the largest summit of world leaders hosted by the United Kingdom.

“At the same time, the current epidemic emphasizes that human health, planetary health, and economic health are fundamentally intertwined.

“We have a dangerously narrow window of opportunity to accelerate green recovery by laying the foundation for future sustainability.”

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