Satire: AD: Introducing a new power supplement for the overcrowded college student White Horse

Our new all-natural supplement, White Horse, gives you all the energy you need to take on your busy day.

Worried? Too busy? Sleep deprived? The horrible fact that there is no way you can imagine that you did not succeed in those 20 hours of study?

Shall I tell you that for centuries people knew how to solve all these and other problems? The answer is simple and in the form of a plant that grows in unique regions of South America, such as Bolivia, Peru, and Colombia. The miraculous plant Coca has been used in civilizations for centuries for medicinal purposes and to give a small amount of energy to people where it feels important.

We at White Horse are looking forward to launching a new full-fledged powerhouse that previous testers could not easily satisfy. With our new proprietary process, we will take the fermented coca plant and turn it into fine flour, which is important for you to take in a variety of digestible and strong courses throughout your day.

Nothing like any other energy drink company. Caffeine and other chemicals are absorbed into your body.

By selling our energy supplements in two forms, powdered and premium drinks, we offer White Horse a convenient way for busy college students to eat on the go.

With flavors such as vanilla, chocolate or original, take a break if you feel like it and put some energy powder in your gums, add it to your water or use one of the most convenient pre-mixed drinks.

Give your body the stroke it needs to pass your tests on a white horse.


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