Sandra Adomatis has been named Vice President of the 2022 Assessment Institute

Florida Panda Gorda, Florida Sandra K. Admatis, SRA In 2022, Orlando, Florida Board of Directors was elected Vice President by the Board of Directors of the country’s largest real estate reviewers association.

The one-year term of the Adomatis Evaluation Institute begins on January 1, followed by one year of presidency, presidency, and immediate presidency. She also serves on the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors of the Policy-Making Committee. She She will chair the Finance Committee in 2022 and the National Electoral Committee in 2025.

“I am honored to be elected Vice President of the Evaluation Institute, and I am delighted to be helping to lead this organization on the path to continued success,” Adomatis said. I look forward to helping AI remain committed to diversity, equality and inclusion efforts.

Adomatis is a real estate reviewer and consultant for the Adomatis Assessment Service in Unta Gorda. She is a review institute lecturer, developer of seminars and courses, author of a review journal article, contributor to textbooks, and author of “Residential Green Assessment Tools.” In addition, she is a national spokesperson for state and federal government agencies, energy organizations, REALTOR® groups, regional coalitions, national and local housing construction groups, and consumer companies. Adomatis contributed to the 2011 “Green and Energy Effective Supplement to the Evaluation Institute” and 2014 to the “Evaluated Green and Energy Effective Addiction”. Internationally, she has also been linked with Canada.

Adomatis Review Institute is a member of the National Government Relations Committee. She previously served on the National Admissions and Competition Committee (2013-15). And as Chairman (2012), Vice-Chairman (2011 – 12) and Member (2009-12) on the National Education Committee. She also served as president of the West Coast Florida Chapter (2009), and as an educational liaison for the Regional Institute for Review X (2006 – 09). Currently serving as part of the Advanced Housing Report Writing Course, Display Option (1987 – Current) Display Reports and Writing Assignments, she has served as a Resident Report Writing Committee Member, Vice Chair and former Chair.

She won the Lifetime Achievement Award and the Swango Award (2020). Henry C. Intercontinent Lifetime Achievement Award (2019); Advanced Service Award (2016); Presidential Award (2013); Dr. William N. Kinard Junior Award (2012); And Regional X Volunteerism (2010).

Source – Review Institute

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