Russia launches criminal investigation into Black Sea tanker spill

Russian investigators at the Globe Stolyarov (Reuters) are investigating the Caspian Pipeline Consulate (CPC) after an oil spill near the Black Sea port of Novorossiysk last Saturday, the regional branch of the Inquiry Committee said Thursday.

Russia has launched a criminal investigation into the river, which occurred when a tanker minerva Symphony (Greek flag-carrying tanker) was stuck on a boat. According to the CPC, a key part of the boat was wrecked.

“In criminal cases, representatives of the Commission of Inquiry are interviewing and reviewing documents of CPC staff. The union will provide the necessary assistance to the investigation team, ”he said on Thursday.

CCC is a joint venture between Russian Transnef, Kazakh Casamunigas, Chevron Caspian Pipeline Consortium and Lucarco Bevin.

The CPC pipeline transports the main cassava oil mixture to a terminal near Novorossiq. The terminal is operating as usual, the CPC said.

Scientists say the flow spread over an area of ​​80 square kilometers (31 square miles) and was much larger than the CPC estimated, and Russia opened an investigation.

Following last year’s catastrophic oil explosion in the Arctic, Moscow is pushing for more Russian companies to deal with potential hazards.

Metalist Nornkel paid $ 2 billion in damages. The Russian State Fisheries Agency is suing an additional $ 800 million.

(Reporting by Globe Stolyarov, Olga Yagova and Olesa Astakova; Writing by Polina Davit, edited by David Evans and Dan Grebel, Reuters)

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