Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes Celebrate Extensive Overhaul

To mark the completion of a multi-million dollar renovation, Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes has developed a $ 100,000 vacation package that is shared only with Forbes Travel Guides.

The Orlando Hotel offers you and your 11 family members or friends a VIP package when you experience new amenities, dining experiences and on-site activities. The only three-day trip begins with a spectacular airport shuttle, Corsa H. The Lamborghini Huracan Spider, Rolls-Royce Witr, McLaren 570S or other luxury car will take you to Orlando International Airport to pick you up (and, of course, one of the ships will send you there when you check-in).

Stay at Rice-Carlton Orlando Best Room: Four-bedroom Royal Suite. Equipped with a living room, kitchen, dining room and media room, eight of the balconies offer lakes and golf course visas. And of course, it comes with access to its own host and club lounge with classic games, books, puzzles and more.

Caterers will enjoy a chef table dinner with a hotel knife & spoon by 2020, and a pair of steak and seafood wines made in 2020. High f f Competitive.

Make a delicious meal with PGA pro Larry Rinker personal golf course at the Ritz-Carlton 18-hole Greg Norman-course. Be sure to boost your energy – The trip includes a visit to the Shiningle Creek’s private ecosystem – Everglades’ main water – led by Florida’s leading natural explorer. As they record the boat, they hear about the history of the river and its inhabitants.

If that is not enough for you, then the next personal hawk experience. The four-star hotel falcon will teach you about hunting history and rules with predators.

When it’s time to relax, head to the four-star spa, 40,000 square feet to 40 medical rooms, 4,000 square feet to the swimming pool, salon, and hair salon. You will enjoy a 110-minute booster session with the skull service and keratin gloves for your hands and feet that nourish your nails and skin. You will then receive a 50-minute hand-to-hand massage and finally spend your spa days at a healthy venue such as a soft, tuna poke pot or blue crab salad at the Vitale Spa Cafe.

For more relaxation, go to your reserved swimming pool and trailer. When eating fresh fruits and snacks and drinking drinks stored in your small refrigerator, turn off the sun or cover in the shade to watch a favorite movie or game on the cabin HDTV. One passerby tends to turn to another.

Even if you do not opt ​​for a grand package, it is advisable to visit the newly renovated hotel. The Rice-Carlton area: The 500-hectare Grande Lakes Orlando property, along with lush fields and 11 lakes, has prompted the relocation of its residences, seven restaurants, common areas, club lounge, solarium pool and cabins.

The modern 582 guest rooms and suites receive light, breeze white, cream and sand shades with soft blue touches. Under a 65-inch flat screen TV, they display marine accents and rounded edges of furniture from the bench to the console.

They also want to hold one of the new cabinets. The 12 unique temples are beautiful and have the same color scheme as the rooms, but the walls are made of fabric. They are decorated with Wi-Fi, HDTV, refrigerator, safe, round day and / or sofas. And each comes with a host to match you with refreshing cocktails.

For a little sparkle, upgrade the balconies to the club level to visit the newly renovated 14th floor club lounge on the pond, lake and golf course. Bright place serves bites and drinks throughout the day (some are ready to take). Don’t miss the chocolate crust while rolling – Cut a piece of Valho and chocolate with a license from Florida Citrus for dessert.


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