Rising Stars 2021 ፡ Sol Suncor Manager Implementing Oil and Gas Courses on Renewable Energy

Editor’s Note: Today’s Jeff Tomaszevsky Profile Completes the 2021 Series of Rising Stars. Congratulations to this year’s class.

From Western Canada Excavations and Completion, from Shipwreck to Newfoundland and Norwegian Coast to Edmonton Biofuels Factory, Jeff Tomaszewski During his 15 years in oil and gas, he has shown that he is willing to take on new challenges.

Two years ago, Sancor Energy Inc. Offered him a second role Enerkem Alberta Biophiles Institute, which processes household waste into methanol and ethanol.

In his role as Tomaszewski’s Director of Engineering and Process Safety, he leads a team of engineers responsible for the safe deployment and continuous improvement of innovative biofuel technology. The members were brought in from various administrative and technical positions to present a “mature oil and gas operation discipline”.

Tomaszevsky said: “This was a complete milestone in the renaissance, but it is amazing how much oil and gas thinking, problem solving and risk-based decision-making you can draw from the traditional sector to renewable energy. “There is more overlap than I think people will appreciate the industry.”

He admits that from a personal point of view it was a downward spiral of learning, digging and finishing, but when you compare that learning curve with a multidisciplinary set of skills, it is much more important if you bring it from a cultural perspective. However, the CVD epidemic, which forced many workers to work remotely, has been a challenge.

Pomaszewski’s favorite part of his work was pioneering. “It’s incredibly exciting, but it’s even more exciting to prioritize day-to-day technology in plant setting.

Innovative technology energized facilities processed household waste – non-perishable and recyclable waste – and creates filters that can be filtered and combined with different technologies into various hydrocarbon chains such as methanol and ethanol.

“The upper bouts featured two cutaways, for easier access to the higher frets. “With this technology, we can produce sustainable transport fuels and chemicals for many products,” he said. “Once you run out of gas, it’s like Lego blocks, then you can combine as you like.”

After graduating in Chemical Engineering University of Alberta, Tomaszewski excavated and completed Petro-Canada He traveled between the two regions in western Canada for the next 10 years before heading to Newfoundland and Labrador and Norway.

In November 2018, he was in charge of the safety of 140 crew members as a major drilling rig overseas.

“This was something you never learned in school,” says Tomaszevsky, then 35 years old. He said the hurricane reminded him of the members of the 1982 Ocean Rangers, which in 1982 lost all 84 crew members. “Of course, managing that is one of the three most successful times of my career.”

For the future, the industry wants to position itself as a leader and influence as it moves through the power transition. With this in mind, Tomaszevsky began working on an executive MBA program at Queens / Cornell University, where he sought financial and business strategy courses to meet years of work experience.

Participated in the hydrogen category and participated in the Avatar Innovators program with the team. The program aims to develop collaborative solutions in energy transfer using the skills of oil and gas professionals.

Tomaszevsky: “There should be no dialogue with them; This shows on social media. I think it could be a ‘all of us’ conversation.

Renewable and non-renewable industries have come together to embrace the transition and complement the traditional oil and gas industry.

“Everyone has a role to play in this, because our energy needs are growing, so there is a lot of room for solar, wind, traditional oil, renewable fuels and hydrogen,” Tomaszewski said.

“As my five-month-old daughter prepares to go to work, she must be able to have a successful, active and diverse energy industry, be willing to change, and be willing to adapt – we must not forget where we all are,” he said.

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