Rich Warren | The old can be new again

Adjust instead of bending.

Allow your old device to recharge your life instead of on the ground.

Mac Twins City Recycling, 2808 N. Lincoln Ave. , Friendly people in the U re-use most of the electronics outside of the TVs and controls.

If you can’t wait for an “official” city or county redevelopment event, Mac will make your installation easier.

However, that column is not intended, which will prevent it from being reused.

Of course, many people store a lot of garbage that never makes a sound, let alone drive a CD or LP.

Most gears in your basement or garage may be intended for Mac.

Then that glorious tube magnifier or beloved spinner can continue to delight for years.

Maybe that stationary switch simply needs a belt or a new capacitor.

Recently, I visited the back of a chairs in the good Vibs at the Shampas hosted by Carl Stanford in Geneva, which has been renovating electronics since 1984.

All the latest diagnostic and maintenance tools have filled the space with a wide range of electronics.

I spied out the old classic tube speakers and the latest solid instruments with spinners, CD players, and cassette tapes.

Basically, if Stanford can get the parts or upgrade a unit, he can repair almost any equipment.

Like Sherlock Holmes, he enjoys solving problems.

Similarly, Bill Hayden renovated expensive Glenn TV, 609 W. Springfield Ave., U, expensive electronics and even modern TVs. He repaired my expensive technical SP-15 turn many years ago, and it still spins like a new one.

Modern TVs include a few modules or circuit boards.

When you pay $ 1,000 for a TV, most of the investment is on the screen.

The rest of the electronics cost $ 50 to $ 250 per module or circuit board. Identifying the problem requires skill; The rest is simply ordering a new board and closing it.

That is not to underestimate the skills needed to remove and replace a failed board.

Manufacturers of LCD and OLED TVs hold the electronic device behind the screen to maintain a unique profile.

Ironically, manufacturers have only a limited number of years of replacement parts, and a minimum of three years.

The days of basic transistors, capacitors and resistors or stock integrated circuits are over. Proprietary units include most products.

In contrast, I recently replaced the 20-year-old Gee stove general heating element.

For example, I own a number of booze products. Most work long hours. But if a class fails, it is intended for Mac.

I really like our lifestyle music system with the built-in DVD player. The player failed after about ten years. Bosce no longer sells a player.

The company told me to buy a new unit and plug in an external player. Unless the purpose of the lifestyle is entirely beauty and simplicity

Integrated single-class system.

What is even more frustrating is that it takes 15 minutes to get rid of the failed player and install new ones, so Bos is looking for similar new players.

We ended up buying a unique, high-quality room with a complete home theater system.

Rich Warren, who lives in

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