RGU celebrates regional recovery fundraiser

Robert Gordon University (RG), part of the recently announced Economic Recovery and Skills Fund for Northeast Scotland, has been awarded 1. 1.7 million.

The RGU has been awarded 7 1.7 million to support a number of rehabilitation projects in the Northeast.

The money is a 3 14.3 million investment by the Scottish government to boost economic growth and skills development in the North East through new economic growth, employment, training and skills development opportunities.

Funded activities are provided by a number of strategic regional partners, in addition to RGU – Aberdeen City Council; Aberdsenshire Council; Skills Development Scotland; Aberdeen University; Opportunity northeast; Energy transfer zone limited; Aberdeen and Grampian Chamber of Commerce.

The RIA will use the funds to support the most affected or affected in the region or epidemic, to promote entrepreneurship, health, social care and development initiatives. In

In support of the health and social care that has been under such pressure throughout the epidemic, RGU is working with Skills Development Scotland and partners in the sector to plan a development path to support those working there. The University develops a collection of online short courses with significant vacancies and opens up opportunities for individuals looking to work in health and social care.

Another RGU project in the Northeast next year is to launch an accelerated program for start-up entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs to support sustainability and flexibility. RGU has already offered three successful acceleration programs for itself and North East Scotland College staff, students and alumni and will continue to offer similar opportunities to the wider region.

Donella Beton, REC’s Deputy Director for Economic Development, said: “The Scottish Government is recognizing the unique challenges facing the city of Aberdeen and Aberdeen, with the welcome support from the Economic Recovery and Skills Fund. .

“With the 7 1.7 million allocated to RGU, the university will offer value-added projects, including opportunities for growth in the region and online courses, business start-ups and support for new graduates and growth. Development activities that support health and social care – a sector with many but not many vacancies.

“The fund will enable him to fulfill his long-standing commitment to support communities and businesses and stimulate economic development in the region. Throughout the epidemic, RGU worked with partners and used government programs to help companies find new ways to do business and to improve or help individuals. The new funds will help us focus our efforts and accelerate that work and re-enrich the region with our partners.

We recognize that some people need extra help to participate in some programs, and we are happy to have the financial support of the Scottish Government to provide that assistance.

As part of the fund’s program, RGG will also conduct a large-scale human resource transfer assessment for the region, promote broad-based entrepreneurship and short courses, and host a high school institution for any university or college graduate in the region. They completed their education in 2020 or 2021, providing additional support to help those who are struggling to find work or study or participate in various programs.

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