Revised Road Use Agreement for Pine Forest Solar Projects, Incentives for the Project

Revised Road Use Agreement for Payment Solar projects and proposed project tax incentives on the Nov. 22 District Court Agenda from the purchase of a truck and agreement with the County Fire Department.

In Session 9, the Hopkins County Commissioners’ Court is expected to consider approving the purchase of a 4 × 4 4x 4 truck for Precinct 3.

Four items on the agenda are related to solar projects. The court is expected to hold a public hearing on the proposed re-investment zone for BT Solerra Solar LLC. This is a time for community members to ask questions and comment directly on the proposed solar project. Subsequently, the court is expected to consider approving the proposed BT Solerra Solar LLC Restructuring Investment Zone and Chapter 381 Agreement for BT Solerra. More details about the BT Solerra Solar LLC project planned for the weekend are not available except for the agenda.

Also, the amended resolution to take the court agenda into consideration Monday morning allows Pine Forest Solar I, LLC and Pine Forest Hybrid I, LLC, to use their solar projects to access the property to specific solar projects. Builds on.

In August, the developers of the Pine Forest Solar I project were considering expanding their batteries, which would increase the total investment to $ 252 million, and the Hopkins County Commissioners filed a lawsuit.

“In the winter storm, the market is now in demand for storage. So, at the end of spring, at the beginning of summer, we added storage reserves, which is an additional $ 150 million for the project. The investment is just to ask the community. We also want to submit only the documents that we are allowed to use to install the warehouse, ”Telus President Shannon McKal told the Commissioners’ Court this summer that the Pine Forest Solar Projects Corporation.

The trucks, which Tilios requested to use certain county routes, will be used for construction and transportation, as needed for construction and upgrades for solar and energy storage projects and upgrades. This gives the project “access, exit, assault, crossing and county roads, county ownership rights and county road rights improvement.”

The court ruled that the company and its representatives agreed to use Hopkins County Roads 2346, 2310, 2336, 2333, 3340, 3344, 3351, 3334, and 3342 during the solar energy project and construction process. Until the projects and upgrades are completely abandoned, use county routes to use: “(a) access to and exit from the Solar and Energy Storage Project; The right to travel on the county routes mentioned, and (c) to cross the county routes above and below the ground and in connection with the solar and energy storage project and improvements as well as transmission lines and upgrades connecting the solar and energy storage project.

The Commissioners’ Court has approved tax incentives for at least six solar projects over the past 2-3 years. The DK and Arbala projects were opposed, with residents openly protesting in public.

Also on Monday on the agenda was an agreement between TargetSolutions Learning, LLC, Vector Solutions and Hopkins County Fire Department. Provides and monitors Vector Solutions Online training courses and works in conjunction with TargetSolutions, formerly known as TargetSolutions. This mobile application includes a scan of devices, devices, equipment, and controlled substances; And helps agencies manage staff programs, callbacks, overtime, vacation requests and more. Vector Solutions serves law enforcement, fire departments, EMS agencies, professional security and local governments.

Hopkins County Agribly Extension Agents are scheduled to provide up-to-date information on their office’s current and upcoming activities.

The regular session is expected to take about 30 minutes, as the session is scheduled to begin on November 30, 20, 20, at the third floor of the Hopkins County Courthouse. That agenda includes discussions with the county fire chief, sheriff and civic center manager to review operations, revenues and costs, and plans for improvements to their rooms and facilities. Discuss possible environmental issues with the County Environmental Investigator; And to conduct a budget session.

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