Reuse of wind turbine knives for bicycle shelter – Bravo, Alborg

Brian D. Rasmussen, who works at the port of Alborg with port construction and the environment, has successfully used the new wind turbine. He recently completed the re-use of wind turbines for zero pedestrians, cyclists. By renewing the purpose of the wind turbine, by adapting the destroyed turbine, wind turbines can continue their life-long purpose beyond the end of life.

“We were going to have a new bicycle shade, and I sat down to see what was available, and I flipped the net. Then there was a very clever man in New York, where I thought he was a razor blade, and the idea came, ”says Brian D. Rasmussen.

If you are in Denmark, the raw materials are ready to lend themselves to an art-enhanced consumer service. The Alborg Factory is one of the largest wing factories in the world.

Rasmussen holds a degree in civil engineering and was once used to design an air turbine – ground-based. The compound is a lightweight material, although a heavy wind turbine knife is part of this solution.

None of the original drawings for the use of turbine wings were provided, and no construction plans or information was provided to Rasmussen. “I made a model at home over the weekend in cardboard and wood, and then I started cutting to see how a stable structure would work out.

Since the turbine was originally designed for other purposes, Rasmussen enlisted the help of experts in Silver Stall, a blacksmith in Alborg. Silver Stal made unique bicycle shelving rods for mounting and mounting.

After the concrete infrastructure, Kærsholm Diamond Drilling cut off the unnecessary.

Rasmussen said, “Instead of cutting the wings into small pieces and using them for fuel, you can use them for something else. He is strong and indestructible – and I think he is really beautiful.

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