Residents will return to their homes after a possible gas explosion in Opa-Loca

Dozens of displaced people returned home on Friday after a gas explosion ripped through their apartment building in Opa-Loka.

The Opa-Loca Code Enforcement Department sent a supervisor on Friday to 2281 NW 135 Street following reports of a possible gas explosion in a three-story apartment building.

NBC 6 spoke to residents who described the unrest.

“It was a huge explosion. The building shook and the alarm went off, ”said resident Jeremy Saunder. Everyone was running out and there was smoke coming from the elevator.

Saunders lives on the second floor of an apartment building in Opa-Loca. He says he fled for his life when the blast shook the building on Friday afternoon.

“There was debris on the ground,” says Sunder.

Miami-Dade Firefighting caused an explosion in a three-story building.

Dozens of residents had to leave and were not allowed inside until midnight.

“We were all here in the church,” said Dominic Bell, who lives on the campus. “We had to wait. We were trying to find out more, what to do. ”

Bell is happy to be back home, but she still feels good about her nurse.

“I was scared, but I don’t want to use the stove anymore,” said Bell.

Others, such as the Sunners, say they feared the worst after the bombing, just months after champagne towers collapsed in Serfield.

Authorities say a man has been taken to hospital.

The Red Cross opened a temporary reception center for the victims as local officials returned to the building.


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