Residents of Ado-Ekiti are lowering the price of cooking gas – punch newspapers

Residents of Ado Akiti on Friday condemned the recent increase in cooking gas prices, saying the government should focus on development.

Resident Segun Adekunle told the story Nigerian News Agency The rise in the price of cooking gas was alarming, especially for no apparent reason.

He questioned how the price could change from N3,000 to N7,000 to 12.5 kg cylinder in a few months, and now that he has decided to use firewood, the growth has compounded the problem in Ado Ikiti. Charcoal for cooking.

“Cooking with firewood is dangerous to health,” he complained.

Another resident, Bonmi Ajisafe, said he was worried about the rising cost of cooking gas, adding that the walk had further aggravated the family economy.

According to Ajisafef, astronomy is currently appreciated not only for gas but also for commodity prices.

”It is very frustrating not to be sure about the next price when you go shopping. I was really worried and surprised. I thought Nigeria was a gas-rich country. ”

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She appealed to the federal government to intervene immediately, otherwise she could return to using kerosene, charcoal or firewood.

According to Topo Ogunfowokan, a civil servant, Nigerians have not yet recovered from the COVID-19 crisis, which has disrupted many businesses and left many unemployed.

Ogunfouka recalled that the federal government had been campaigning for citizens to be the key to cooking gas.

And most of the people did nothing for that result, but people gradually went in, and then the current gas situation comes. It is frustrating and unthinkable and the government must intervene. ”

A gas distributor, Michael Ogunsakin, said he did not need to talk much, but that the entire trip was only for the government.


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