Residents near Pearl Harbor complained about the smell of oil and the discovery of oil products in the Hawaiian well, the Navy said.

After days of testing, the U.S. Navy confirmed the presence of petroleum products in a well sample taken near the Hawaii Pearl Harbor military base. The well, which is connected to the Navy’s water system, has been closed since Sunday, and authorities have been investigating the smell of tap water.

According to a statement issued by the Navy on Friday, it collected 14 water samples from various bodies of water on Monday. Thirteen tests returned negatively, but one sample from the Navy Red Hill well was found to be positive for petroleum hydrocarbons, which the EPA described as “a large family with hundreds of chemical compounds derived from crude oil.” A separate experiment confirmed the evaporation of petroleum hydrocarbon.

The Hawaii Department of Health reported Wednesday that a sample of Red Hill Elementary School collected Tuesday found positive results for petroleum production. The samples were sent to Eurofinance Scientific in California for further analysis. It is unclear whether this sample confirmed Friday naval positive.

“Several indications are that the source is isolated and isolated. The Navy is planning to restore the drinking water system to EPA level, identify how this pollution got into the well and repair the well,” Navy said Friday. He added that he will work with the regional health department to improve guidelines for local residents and service members.

It is not clear what kind of petroleum products were discovered or how they got into the system.

The navy closed the Red Hill well on Moanaluwa-Wimalu, 100 feet off the island of Oahu, on Sunday, a spokesman told the Associated Press. .

On Tuesday, the Hawaiian Department of Health said residents in the Navy’s water system should “refrain from using the water for drinking, cooking or oral hygiene.” Harbor-Hickam (JBPHH) water system, including Aliyamanu military reservation, Red Hill and Nimits Elementary Schools and military accommodation. The department said all complaints were from people using the Navy’s water system.

The department is responsible for ensuring that the water is safe for all its customers – otherwise it will “provide alternative drinking water sources for human consumption as needed.” He said the navy has been distributing bottled water in the days following the announcement that the water will not be used and that a mobile shower will soon be set up for basic residents. Military officials said in a statement that some of the residents who were affected by the floods could go to hotels and get paid by the government.

Thursday night, state officials Criticized Navy’s response to the report.

“(The Navy) is paralyzed in finding a solution to this problem,” Senator Glen Wakai of the Hawaii State Senate tweeted. “They said last night that this was a natural disaster and this is how we should look at it. This is a man-made disaster. The navy must really choose the speed with which it can solve the problems.”

The navy system will provide water to 93,000 residents in Pearl Harbor and nearby areas, the AP reported.

“The Navy’s priority is to keep sailors, civilians, their families and those who live and work on the property of the Joint Base Pearl Harbor Hikam safe and secure,” the Navy said Friday.

Two weeks ago, the Navy reported that water and fuel leaked out of a Red Hill oil tank farm near the Moanaluwa-Waimalu reservoir. He warned local health officials and said in a statement that “there is no sign or signal for the area, and the drinking water is safe to drink.”


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