Renewers ‘Walking Dead’: How Can Zodiac Zombies Help Us Live?

Travelers Carroll and Rick lead the surviving team to attack Zombie.

Photo: AMC

When frustration comes, it’s me Really Big Baby – My weak stomach and low shock point are far from me the walking Dead It has been on television for decades. But after a year and a half, usually by staying inside and watching everything you need to watch, it seems like it’s time to start seeing comics on Netflix this summer. I jumped in, armed with Wikipedia summaries, which I could have read earlier to find out when the horror episodes were coming – and I was immediately caught up.

What attracted me to those first few seasons was the video game scene of Rick Grimm and his friends, family and strangers trying and destroying treasures in a world of disintegration. But every day I think about climate change, and I wonder if renewables can help. I was amazed every time Rick and his band got rid of abandoned cars with gas sirens or flashlights and used expensive batteries to test what was going on – they would not have been shocked by a world that used only renewable energy. before Of Zombie Apocalypse? Did the grid of wind and solar energy, rather than fossil fuels, help humans to surround and even enrich the living?

My music has been verified in the final chapters of the first season. Now everyone has seen it, but I still haven’t spoiled it here. The survivors in this narrative still find their way to a powerful institution. They have the first warm rain in weeks, enjoy warm food and light above, and are safe behind locked doors and metal walls from zombie gangs. A few days later, the plant came to an end with its shocking oil reserves – he was surprised! “The world is running on fossil fuels,” lamented one character. “I mean, how stupid is that?”

I could not agree more!

I was even More I was contacted by telephone by Cameron Carlson, a public health doctor who specializes in impedimentiology specialization and zombie research association. (Yes, they are, and yes, their website Rules.) “Infrastructure can only last for a long time, and 100% automation will never happen – you always need someone to fix it.” They may be talking for two, a half weeks, depending on the person nearby. In this regard, sustainability is a futile endeavor. It ends, it breaks, the fuel trucks stop coming.

Alexandria established some wind farms.

Alexandria established some wind farms.
Photo: AMC

But innovators say Carlson could change that formula. “Will mankind be able to withstand in the future by using renewable energy? The answer is yes. ”

There are some complexities to this claim. By talking to Carlson, it became clear that if the zombies took control of the earth, there would be different stages of doomsday. And there are different techniques and methods of salvation that the rest of the people have to go through at different times – something the walking Dead It also shows. Those first couple weeks after the first epidemic, Carlson said, when the world melts away and all you know is about keeping your shirt on when the taste buds suddenly develop. At this stage, all the renewable grid will not be so important: If a zombie closes your door and starts chewing on your feet, it doesn’t matter if the lights are on because the solar panels work at high efficiency.

But in the next stage of existence, the existence of a source of energy can be very important for your survival — your mental health. “The first two weeks of turmoil are one thing,” says Carlson. But when that passes, and the lights are still on, it becomes a backup game. When [the power] Will it end? What am I destroying? It really starts with a toy in your mind. ”

Carlson said taking a warm bath or recharging a battery iPhone Listening to music can be of “great benefit” to the survivors. “You have to wrap your head around the fact that it will never be the same – it’s interesting, but it’s true – then you have to wrap your head around survival. And Support, ”he said. “How Can I Get Along With Some Comfort?”

Unfortunately, if your home is on a large grid, that grid may not be very large if it is connected to coal or a large solar field. Fossil fuels require people to supply coal, oil or gas, and the plants themselves. Although most wind and solar projects have very low maintenance, they are connected to a high-voltage transmission grid, which do Manpower is needed.

“The transmission operator is more active on a day-to-day basis than a power generator,” said Mark Dyson, general manager of the carbon-free electric practice at the Rocky Mountain Institute. Things have to be balanced in microseconds, and that requires constant adjustment for many different things in the system. So if you can’t train zombies to make the zombie transmission network work during those first few weeks of terror – or unless you keep your local transmission operator alive – the big grid may be toast.

Solar collectors!

Solar collectors!
Photo: AMC

According to Dyson, it requires no administration other than basic maintenance. Also, micrograms and other forms of community power can help with resources. Dyson added that energy sources are closer to cities and communities — and those grids are smaller — people have less chance of managing them, and they can provide more beautifully maintenance-free energy. For the survivors. “At the community level, where you can disconnect yourself from the main grid in any emergency — those roofs, ceilings or shared areas or local distribution network components — those local systems are basically labor-intensive on a daily basis,” he said.

Dyson pointed to the Colorado neighborhood Basalt Vista, 27 Modern homes are a good example of a grid that does not require fuel or an external operator to store energy. Looks like a A good place to ride the zombie apocalypse, Especially in the middle of the mountains. Of course, growing food may be a small matter, but reliable energy and isolation can be great additions. (And I’m sure the views are great.)

The key to rebuilding society in the future is those small, independent grids. “Let’s talk about agriculture, let’s talk about community support and resources, let’s talk about how to get water or energy to run basic and light machines,” Carlson said. If you meet your immediate needs and the comfort of creation, you should turn around and say, ‘How do we all live?’

We see this in the walking Dead In later years, survivors learn that they are getting better and better. Cities with solar panelsWoodbury, anyone?) Or move to independent communities (Even Alexandria seems to have a windmill).

When I first wrote this article in a silly way (after all, I feel like I was out of my mind watching this scene a lot), it is really a very important question to think about how to estimate an electrical grid. He encounters the apocalypse, the zombie, or any other weather. Power nurses spend a lot of time thinking about it, and in recent years it has become more and more important. “The zombie apocalypse that we have encountered in this country and internationally is real and very important,” said Dyson. Last year alone, all the vulnerabilities of the fossil fuels we rely on have been exposed. ”

Recent Pre-extinction in California, Of Massive and deadly grid failure in Texas, And Colonial pipeline hijacking They all confirm that point to say nothing about that terrible fall Puerto Rico grid after Maria And other fossil fuel failures that are prone to accidents and even fatal consequences. “These events share the same characteristics as the zombie apocalypse,” says Dyson. The solutions are the same – a generation that doesn’t need fuel, closer to customers.

And as he was writing this piece, one had already boarded with a renewed audience – Carlson, in all the years he had planned for his immortality, never thought of how renewable energy would work. Zombies are running around.

“When I think about it now, I’m just like him,” he said. If you can find a lot of solar panels that fit in a bag or in a box that you can put in a car, this is a really bad time or the difference between when you go, well, this will go away, but I can negotiate. ‘”


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