RelyOn Nutec and Crowley Partner will launch special wind training courses throughout the United States

Houston, June 3, 2021 / PRNewswire – RelyOn Nutec and Cruli, Has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to directly increase the availability of marine wind safety training in the United States. Special safety training and consulting for the oil and gas, coastal, renewable and industrial sectors.

The joint venture develops and manages geographically flexible wind training throughout America Global Wind Enterprise (Geo) by creating satellite utilities. These facilities provide certified training standards that meet the requirements of wind turbine manufacturers and owners GWO.

Jenny Lewis, Managing Director for RelyOn Nutec’s Gulf of Mexico Region, “Cruli Known as a leader in marine and logistics, he is gaining traction in the US marine industry. to live Crowley A world-leading expert in coastal operations and supply chain management, RelyOn Nutec, combined with wind training and management systems, expertise and global availability, ensures that this safe training is delivered in a fast-paced region with rapid growth strategies.

The training works in partnership with the government and local higher education institutions to support the safety of sailors and technicians. Partnership takes advantage Cruli Use RelyOn Nutec’s GWO training and experience in the energy sector to develop CTV, Coast Guard (SOV), and WIV.

“This partnership merges Crowley RelyOn Nutec’s time-tested safety training and consulting services for the industry’s leading and successful engineering, shipbuilding, project management and logistics sectors are available in the coastal, renewable and industrial sectors. Jeff Andrei, Vice President, Crowley New Energy. This will directly contribute to the strategic and sustainable growth of the skilled workforce to support a reliable workforce for the new energy sector.

About RelyOn Nutec
RelyOn Nutec provides security, compliance and competency services and solutions around the world. Through 32 utilities, RelyOn Nutec helps protect their customers, their assets and the environment. RelyOn Nutec has a long history of going back more than 50 years and is leading the wind industry and other safety-critical industries with the application of the new technology.

RelyOn Nutec is the world’s leading GWO training provider and has a wide range of innovative digital services, including digital learning, simulation technology and SaaS applications. RelyOn Nutec is a top-notch partner to help our customers develop and maintain a safe workplace. Market-leading digital services provide a modular approach to managing customers’ security in business processes and revolutionize the way they reduce risk and monitor human safety, compliance and efficiency.

RelyOn Nutec customers work in a variety of security-critical industries, including the transition to sustainable energy supply, and security in DNA. Back office jobs. More information about RelyOn Nutec and the Security Training and Consultation Collection can be found at

In Care Of Cruli
Jacksonville, Fla.Founded by Crowley Holdings Inc. The 129-year-old Crowley Maritime Corporation is a parent company that provides global logistics, government, marine and energy solutions, privately owned, family and employee. Cruli It operates in four business units Crowley Logistics, Supply chain management department, which includes logistics and ocean freight services; Crowley Shipping, Which includes ownership, operation and management, including tanks, containers, ships, multi-purpose vehicles and boats. Sustainable energy solutions for emerging marine and liquefied natural gas (LNG) sectors; Engineering; Special management; Naval architecture and shipbuilding management; Crowley Fuel, In the transportation, distribution and sales department Alaska; And Crowley Solutions, Focuses on international government services and program management, including ship management, travel logistics, technology solutions, energy solutions and freight and logistics services. More information Cruli, Its branches and business units can be found at

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