Release works in Nashville due to broken high pressure gas line

Nashua, NH – Nashuwa Fire-Rescue announced gas leaks on Broad Street and Bailey Street. When they arrived, they found workers working on the Liberty gas line on Wednesday.

When the gas leaked for some unknown reason, the gas line was what the company referred to as “normal maintenance.” The 6-inch core with a 2-inch main branch sends air from the high pressure line.

Nashua’s firefighting equipment required additional equipment at the scene, and Nashuwa police closed Broadway.

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Nassau firefighters evacuated more than 20 homes in the area.

Freedom fighters arrived and tried to block the gas line at various points along Broadway. Many attempts to shut off the gas by using the valves on the road failed.

Find out what’s going on inside Nassau Patch free and real-time updates.

Truckloads, trucks, and additional personnel were brought in by the company, and several locations were dug along Broad Street.

Five hours after the start of the flow, at 4:30 p.m. Kyrgyzstan says 65 homes have been damaged by gas leaks.

Workers were required to work until Wednesday night to continue repairs to the pipes and valves.

No one was hurt in the attack.

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