Recreation, renewable energy coming to finger lakes after state buys land from NYSEG

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Courtesy: New York State and Bill Hecht

(WSYR-TV) – The state of New York has bought the largest privately owned beach in the Lake Lakes, Governor Kathy Hochul announced Wednesday.

The 470-acre bell station, formerly owned by the New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG), was put up for auction before being canceled by NYSEG. Now, the state will create a public wildlife management area on the shores of Lake Property.

“The purchase of this land guarantees its protection and preservation for future generations – making environmental decisions will enable us to have peace of mind knowing that such decisions will give our children and grandchildren a green space and a beautiful lake in the fingertips,” he said. Hochul said. “I am proud of your diligence and cooperation between our regional agencies, the NYSEG and the Finger Lakes Land Trust, which will pave the way for the transfer of ownership of the Bell Site.”

According to the state, Lake Kayaga, 90% of the surrounding land is privately owned, and New York has been designated as a bird sanctuary. With 3,400 feet of beach open to the public, there will be plenty of recreational opportunities on the east side of the lake. The state also said the eastern part of the property will be used as a renewable solar power plant.

“The bell station is located north of Lake Kauga, north of Tagnock State Park. Led by Governor Hohlul, this purchase will protect that view of the lake, as well as the quality of the water flowing from the Bell Station to the lake. We look forward to working with DPS and DEC on this important conservation effort, said State Parks Commissioner Eric Kulesid.

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