Reading and testifying as carbon supports Scotland’s beautiful home energy

Reading and testifying as carbon supports Scotland’s beautiful home energy

Working with Home Energy Scotland, A local charity Keep Scotland beautiful To help people reduce carbon emissions and keep them warm at home, he developed carbon offsets and delivered emergency weather training to staff.

Since 2019, more than 100 people from the Home Energy Scotland network have participated in climate emergency training, including leading consultants from all areas of the service.

Home Energy Scottish Expert Consultants provides free and independent advice on climate change mitigation such as low and zero emissions heating systems, active travel and sustainable transportation options, energy saving behavior change, water loss mitigation and installation. Change and Solving Oil Poverty.

The training sessions explored the science and effects of climate change and suggested practical steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Home Energy Scottish workers begin by examining their own carbon footprint. They have also learned new ways to discuss climate emergencies with homeowners and save energy, help build relationships between reducing energy costs and climate change on their energy bills.

Participants were asked to choose individual and group measures to reduce carbon emissions, indicating that they had learned and understood the sources and solutions of carbon emissions. Passers-by are accustomed to carbon literacy.

Harry Myers, Head of Home Energy Scotland“Our consultants, specialists and support teams have done an amazing job of helping people in Scotland reduce their energy consumption and keep them warm at home. This training strengthens their knowledge in the context of carbon conservation and assures them of resilience to climate change.

“We recognize the importance of this training and look forward to continuing our partnership with the Beauty of Scotland to build our future capacity to provide accredited climate emergency training at home.”

Katherine G., Deputy Chief Executive Officer for Keep ScotlandHe added: “We are very pleased to be providing Home Energy Scotland Climate Emergency Training.

“The Climate Crisis and Scotland’s Journey to Zero requires us all to develop new skills and knowledge.

“We look forward to working with Home Energy Scotland and assisting in the implementation of climate emergency training.”

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