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It looks like today Perfect day to wrap up in a good book. Who doesn’t love fun stories? Be your favorite genre Fiction, fiction, classical literature, or a good old-fashioned thriller, We hope you enjoy reading something interesting today!

See what happens The wind blew today – Read the story about the Indian Riley tournament coming to Casper, Get all the details on Upcoming Toby Kit Concert, And read about The new internet company is moving to the city.

Casper must see a High 74 ° F With today The sun and the clouds are mixed. That Windy Coming from NAA 10 to 15 miles.

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Daily update

(Photo courtesy National Historical Paths Interpretation Center)

Indian relay competitions come to Caspar!

as if Equitable lands From today until Sunday, Indian relay competition It is happening. there will be 24 warriors and 18 horses. Now is the time to show off your horse riding skills!

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Toby Kit (donated)

Country is coming to Casper

Toby Kit is coming to Cassette with special guests Cole Ford and Chance Williams, Chancey Williams was born in Wyoming and became a singer! You can watch this great event on October 14th! I hope to see you over there!

Here are the details!


Who doesn’t love fast fiber optic internet?

Bluepeck, A Missouri-based Internet provider, expanding and Coming to Casper! You are investing $ 24 million To make fiber optic internet available locally 24,000 Casper businesses and residents.

Here are the details!

Windy job details

Administrative Assistant- Personal confidence

Hiltop National Bank a Full Time Management Assistant – Private Trust Provides administrative support to include preparation for the assigned trust authority Investment portfolio reviews; Investment Research and portfolio layout As requested. Prepares data for work Processing. Produces and compiles information for the designated Tags.

Leader speaker

Hiltop National Bank a Full-time lead speaker Who will conduct the investigation and Savings and withdrawals Selling banking services, accepting loans, Approve items Under prep Restrictions and guidelines. Various other functions assigned by the supervisor. Excellent customer service skills and Eligibility for numbers is a must!

Physician Assistant or Psychiatrist and Licensed Therapist

The office Dr. Stephen El Brown and Associates Is looking for a Physician Assistant or Psychiatrist To fill the full-time space by seeing patients and outpatients. The office also wants to fill it out Therapist position With a licensed child.

Customer Relationship Management Representative

Hiltop National Bank a Full-time customer relationship management representative. Their responsibilities will be to deliver Personalized banking services For future and existing customers. The site identifies customer needs and recommends appropriate Financial products and services, As well as checks, savings, time deposits, opening and maintaining HSA and IRAs.

Psychological Assistant

Wyoming is looking for behavioral health full time Psychological assistant who helps him Psychiatrist They think they are right. Each provider has a different style of work that requires an assistant Flexible and adaptable to the Improving work environment.

Take a look at the latest Brazi events this week in our personalized community calendar! This week we got it Burning Bridges Music, Neil Forling Art, David Street Station Fall Festival and Duncan Irbi Band in Glenrock! Check out those events here!

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