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The famous San Diego roof solar supplier Sullivan Solar, which suddenly closed its doors and left angry customers, had several successes in the Contractors’ Licensing Board over the past year, according to the Union Records Review Agency.

This year, the Licensing Board issued a total of $ 19,000 for a total of $ 19,000 for violations of non-payment of projects, pre-payment and non-commissioning, and non-payment of “sufficient funds for goods or services.” ”And not cooperating with the investigation.

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The company paid $ 10,000 in fines. The remaining two verses list $ 9,000 pending, which means Sullivan Solar has not paid the fine or appealed.

The board also revoked the license of Sullivan Solar Power on November 4 for $ 5,065 in April, citing a lawsuit filed by a landlord in Jamul against a “small court” for suing the company. But he did not get paid.

The board is investigating six complaints about “possible” violations of Sullivan’s solar power. Under the Board’s rules, it will keep the identity of the complainant confidential.

On December 31, last year, the board sent a warning letter to Daniel Sullivan, CEO and founder of the company, in violation of Sullivan’s recent record of violating contractors’ licenses.

The mainstay of the San Diego roof solar business since 2004, Sullivan Solar employs more than 150 workers and has installed more than 9,000 solar systems for homes and businesses in the San Diego, Orange and Riverside counties. The company’s advertisements are often circulated in the local media saying, “Solar energy is leading the revolution.”

But last month, the doors to the Sullivan Solar Power offices in Miramar were locked and all calls went to voicemail. Emails are not returned. About 35 brightly colored company vehicles are parked in the front and rear parking lots.

Company website and Twitter page They are still up and running but have not been updated for weeks.

One of the more than 30 Sullivan solar cars was parked in front of or behind the company’s office in Miramar.

(Rob Nikolevsky / San Diego Union-Tribune)

Sullivan, the company’s chief executive, has been a strong supporter of the continued growth of the solar sector at various companies, political and civic events, and has disappeared in practice. Emails and messages sent to Sullivan last month have not been returned.

As of Friday, there were no reports of Sullivan’s solar power losses.

Solar panels on roofs cost tens of thousands of dollars, and the sudden shutdown of Sullivan Solar has angered many customers.

Some complain that their home projects are not completed. Others worry about the security of their system, and others may be liable for their assets because subcontractors are not paid by Sullivan.

“I haven’t heard from them, Zero,” said Cromwell Cornelius-T, who installed a $ 14,000 roof on their two-story home in the Carmel Valley two months ago. Since hiring Sullivan Solar subcontractor, Cornelius-T now owns $ 6,000 in assets. “I wonder what happened to them,” he said.

Marcia Wurag Small Claim Court Decision State Contractor Licensing Board owns Sullivan’s solar license earlier this month. Solar panels installed on her family’s 1,600-square-foot[1,600 sq m]solar panel in her family in Jamul said the company soon began to leak.

“They did not come,” said Wragg, who said the company had been summoned twice for the hearing. “They did not respond – nothing since the day I complained about the roof. They never responded. I tried all the numbers. Believe me, they were presented six times in a certified envelope. That was signed for someone to work there.

David Dick was to install Sullivan’s solar energy on the roof of a five-bedroom house in Poti Loma. Before closing the door, the company offered a $ 1,000 deposit to a company representative.

“It’s shocking,” Dick said, to hear the licensing board’s ruling on Sullivan Solar. “I mean it was a high profile business. The reason I went to Sullivan was because I was approached by a lot of people I respected and worked with Sullivan … I ran away with a big bullet, so I talked to him.

A spokesman for the Licensing Board, along with Sullivan Solar, said: “We encourage any potential consumers to file a complaint online at cslb.ca.gov.

Meanwhile, troubled customers may be eligible for financial assistance under the recent Sacramento Act. In August, a meeting signed by the government, Gavin Newsom, introduced the 137 Solar Energy Rehabilitation Program.

According to the bill, the State Contractors Licensing Board is authorized to spend up to $ 1 million on the fund and users can receive up to $ 40,000 in compensation.

English or Spanish claim forms are available on the Licensing Board website: Distribute-Smart Smart – CSLB (ca.gov), under the latest “Solar System Rehabilitation Program”.

The State Contractors Licensing Board operates under the State Consumer Affairs Department. Licenses and supervises approximately 281,000 contractors in California.

The Better Business Bureau of San Diego has published 56 complaints about Sullivan Solar on its website, and 19 complaints have been filed since October 10.

BBB has made Sullivan’s solar power out of business so all complaints to the BBB will be closed as “invisible”, BBC Southwest BBC communications director Krystyna Hook told the Union-Tribune in an email.

“Consumers can contact the device manufacturer to ask what kind of warranty they have,” Hack said.

Union-Tribune staff reporter Greg Moran contributes to this story.

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