Queensland approves $ 23 million renewable energy training facility

The Queensland government has approved a new “modern” renewable energy center in Brisbane, which will train future and current electricians to enter the clean energy industry.

Queensland Planning Minister Steven Miles has accelerated plans for a new training facility for renewable energy on the outskirts of Pinkenba Brisbane.

In a statement this afternoon, Miles said, “The Special Training Institute offers pre-business, training and post-business courses to 300 students at the same time and supports 40 teaching spaces.”

While investing in renewable energy projects throughout the state, it is also important to invest in our manpower to deliver and maintain renewable energy infrastructure.

The Minister approved the establishment of an institutional alternative to community infrastructure, including educational institutions, through the Ministerial Infrastructure Nomination Process.

Miles said the decision will enable the training organization behind the institute to begin construction of an electro group and accept students as soon as possible. Construction will begin in mid-2022 this year, according to Donna Picford, CEO of Electro Group.

The Queensland government is investing $ 17 million in a $ 23 million facility, which will help achieve 50% of the renewal plan by 2030, he said.

Queensland’s Minister of Energy, Renewable and Hydrogen Minister Mick de Brenny said:

“This is what Pinkenba Renewable Energy Training Institute provides to hundreds of Queenslanders every year,” he added.

The institution

Electro Group Picford Training Institution provides current and future electricians “Classroom Education and Field Training.”

Students will have access to a 17-meter-high wind turbine, a 20-meter-high tower, a 30-meter telecommunications tower and a 54kg single-pole solar system.

He added: “Being able to provide current and future electricians with this hands-on experience means they will be fully prepared for tomorrow’s jobs.”

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