Qatar set al-Shahin’s raw material price to be 2 months lower in October


Qatar set its al-Shahin crude prices at a 2-month low

An American oil producer has bought one from a truck

Representative image.  Credit: AFP file photo

Qatar Petroleum (QP) has set the bid price of Alshahin raw materials at $ 2.62 per barrel above Dubai quotes, the lowest premium in two months, several business sources said on Wednesday.

According to some sources, QP was sold after bidding for $ 2 to $ 2.68 per barrel or $ 2.30 on average.

Sources say that an American oil producer bought one of the items. Items will be shipped October 2-3, October 27-30, and October 1-31.

Last month, QP sold three shipments worth more than $ 2.40 to $ 2.90 per barrel and set a price of $ 2.87 per barrel for September.

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