Qatar is one of the top potential countries in the region for the Google cloud

Qatar is an important market for Google Cloud and the company is keen to take the lead in building a digital-trained workforce in Qatar, said Abdul Rahman al-Tehayban, Managing Managing Director of Google Cloud. Peninsula.

“Qatar is an important market for us, and that is why we have launched the Google Cloud Region in Qatar in collaboration with the Qatar Free Zone Authority (QFZA), and that shows our commitment to our country,” said Abdurahman al-Tehayban.

Recently, Google conducted a survey of one of the 10 countries in the MENA region to show the full economic value of cloud technology in the MENA region to identify its research with a third party – Alphabet.

“It is one of the 10 countries with the highest potential for Google cloud,” said Abdul Rahman al-Tahayban.

Alphabet’s research findings could generate $ 600 billion by 2030 with accelerated cloud adoption in the 10 MENA countries. The study also found that 79 percent ($ 600 billion) of businesses and employees were driven by technologies to reduce the impact of CVD-19.

And of the $ 600 billion, 56 percent is in three sectors that are lagging behind in traditional digitization and transformation – oil and gas, manufacturing and infrastructure.

Google Cloud has announced its presence in Qatar in June this year.

A.D. In 2019, we announced our first cloud expansion in the Middle East in collaboration with QFZA and our expansion plans in Qatar. Following this, in 2021, he opened Google Cloud Offices and the Qatari Center of Excellence – which enabled us to support our customers very closely in Qatar, ”said Abdurahman al-Tehayban.

In addition to opening up the cloud environment and opening our offices in Qatar, Google is keen to take the lead in building a digital-trained workforce in Qatar, ”he said.

With a vision to build digital skills for the future at the Qatar Center of Excellence – in June 2021 – it opened its virtual doors – with QFZA, the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Intel.

The purpose of the training facility is to promote innovation in Qatar using the latest technologies and tools provided by Google Cloud.

The training facility provides free, hands-on training in Google tools and technologies for individuals and businesses looking to expand their technology skills and succeed in the increasingly digital world.

The center serves as a research center for high-potential startups such as incubator and digital transformation challenges.

The Center of Excellence has received a strong response from Qatar.

“Over the past three months, 250 people have completed training programs at the Center of Excellence. All of our training programs are working in the best interest of IT professionals who want to learn more about cloud and digital migration in Qatar to register for the courses, ”said Abdurahman Al-Tehayban.

Google Cloud is committed to investing in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa in a number of ways, including infrastructure, people and products. We are expanding our Middle East cloud regions from 2018 because we believe we need to put in place reliable infrastructure that supports our customers to work in their environments, ”he said.

Cloud regions provide high performance, low latency, zero emission, and cloud-based services to customers in the Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Google Cloud has partnered with SAP, which allows them to run SAP workloads on Google Cloud, where they benefit from a high-performance and built-in network. Launch with SAP on Google Cloud Global Partnership began in June 2021.

SAP is a state-of-the-art infrastructure solution that can provide flexible scalability and access to business-critical applications in the Google cloud, as well as innovative SAP clients. With this structure, customers get efficiency, increase time and reduce costs.

“By placing significant workloads in the cloud, businesses in Qatar can be better positioned to ensure operational sustainability, innovation, and sustainable sustainability,” he added.

The partnership between Google Cloud and SAP provides opportunities for business creation. When SAP workloads are in the Google cloud, you can quickly and easily integrate proven Google technologies and products to streamline organization, accelerate analytics, and automate processes.

“Google Cloud differs from other cloud providers in the industry and is known for its unique set of features and encourages customers in the MENA region to become the cloud provider of choice for their digital transformation journey,” said Abdurahman al-Tahab.

Google Cloud pioneered the “Zero Trust” approach, thus setting the highest level of security. Google Cloud Strength is another important difference in data and analytics, and it is a multi-cloud that allows customers to grow and scale their products and services with high flexibility. In addition, Google Cloud’s unique industry solutions help customers improve efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs, engage in new business models, and create new market opportunities.

Customers with sustainable plans prefer Google Clouds because it is the cleanest cloud in the industry.

“They are embracing measures (tools, solutions, technologies) that want to support a cleaner, healthier and more sustainable world and reduce carbon emissions and reduce carbon emissions. ”

“We are seeing an increase in the number of customers who choose a cloud service that is in line with their organizational goals rather than being sustainable and energy efficient. This is one of the many reasons why customers choose Google Clouds because we are building a clean cloud in the industry. ”

Google Cloud is the cleanest cloud in the industry. This means that it relates 100% of its electricity consumption to renewable energy purchases annually and internationally. A.D. In 2007, it became the first large company to become carbon neutral. By 2030, carbon is projected to be negative.

By working with governments and businesses in this region, we ensure that our customers can use Google cloud technology and information to help them build their own climate action plans.
“The regions mentioned earlier in Qatar and Saudi Arabia are active and serve as innovators for the region, but our data center is twice as energy efficient as the average enterprise, and we will continue to be committed to sustainability,” he said. Center. ”

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