Q & A: Co-sponsor says ‘Now is the time’ to change Oregon gas law.

Portland, Ore – Representative Shelly Boshart Davis, R-Albany, is one of the sponsors of Oregon House Bill 4151, which, if approved, will allow people in Oregon to make their own gas production choices.

The bill is scheduled to be read for the first time in the House on February 1, and Oregon residents are already considering taking the pump into their own hands.

Bosher Davis talks to KOIN 6 News about her decision to sponsor the account and why a change is needed. Here are our questions and answers:

Editor’s Note: Bookshar Davis’ responses are slightly modified for clarity and brevity.

Q: Can you explain the bill in your own words?

M: This account is a response to certain things. One recent poll showed that 69% of Oregon residents want their own gas. And this keeps the balance between the companies that are trying to supply the consumer needs and the services – and this obviously provides us with oil and gas every day. But I think now is the right time because of the labor market and we are currently struggling with energy shortages. They are struggling to keep gas stations open and to have enough helpers to provide that.

Q: Was the study your main reason for supporting the math?

A: It was a big impact for that. Just listen to that and those [gas station businesses] Struggling to stay open.

Q: What are the areas that are struggling to stay open?

A: Well, for example, he owned a small business in Central Oregon. He is a father and a refugee from Afghanistan who has difficulty in maintaining his service or keeping his clients because he does not have enough help to stay open.

Q: The same account did not come up decades ago. Do you think this will happen?

A: I hope it does and I think it will. It’s a different job market and I believe that – I’m not sure, you know why the people of Oregon decided. Maybe they moved here from other regions and said, “Why can’t I drive my own gas?” There are many who say. And I think that has changed and as I said the study shows that about 69% of Oregon citizens want this, I think it is different from the previous sessions.

Q: This bill looks unique because it does not work at all with allowing an assistant to load your gas. What was behind your giving people the option?

A: I think there are enough people who have no choice but to move on to full-time service. And so, I think the response was very positive, especially when they knew it was a choice.

Q is part of the reason. [of keeping a choice] Is it meant to help keep the workforce full of workers?

Yes, that is definitely part of it.

Q: People have asked me on Twitter if I knew this would come at a lower gas price. Is it too early to know if that is the case?

A section of the bill states that the price will remain the same regardless of your choice.

Q: Why is this time really needed?

Answer: I don’t know about you just because we see a shortage of workers in the economy right now, but I have been through gas stations or gas stations because half of their islands do not have enough staff. They may be running out of time and so if you go to work or go out in the morning or evening, you do not have many hours to open gas stations. So, I think it’s time for that and it’s a response for both users and employers to make sure they are getting what they need to provide this for us.

Q: I know there are 17 arguments as to why the first draft law passed in 1951 should be put in place, I believe a few should avoid creating flammable conditions, eliminating flashes and so on. Like leaving kids in the car when you go to pay for your gas. If this law is passed, are there any concerns?

A: Well, you know, one thing we have credit card readers right now. They’re on the pump, so this is different, and that’s ridiculous 1951. I have to go back, but I suggest this: in 48 years we will have this amazing experimental study on the states that have held it. Years and years. They somehow managed to make it my response to 1951 [law]. I look up, but it is definitely happening. And in fact, it is happening here in rural areas of Oregon and on the coast because it can provide gas to people in rural areas. A.D. It has been happening since 2015. So we have evidence that we can do this great thing.


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