Puttery, Drive Shack Inc. The new concept of golf entertainment is coming to the historic Philadelphia neighborhood

Dallas – (Business WireThe owner and operator of Drive Shack Inc. (“Company”) (NYSE: DS) has announced that it will bring a new competitive social and recreational golf experience utei today. The busiest area between Old Kensington and Fishtown in Philadelphia.

Putter Philadelphia, a short distance from Center City, is part of a mixed-use retail project in Fishtown, one of the area’s most historic neighborhoods. The 20,000-square-foot venue offers three unique theme, nine-course courses, several bars and a chef-led menu and an incredible cocktail program, featuring Fishtown’s already growing nightlife and cooking scene.

“Looking at different markets for pottery expansion was a clear choice for us,” said Drive Shack Inc. President and CEO Hannah Khuri said. “The dynamic vibration of the environment is perfectly matched to our own, making it ideal for displaying our creative food and craft cocktails.”

Saving Modern Rotation, Putter Living Atmosphere Combined with Creative Rating Technology and Theme Courses for a unique guest experience. Putter’s first place was launched in Dallas in September 2021. Other Pottery Places Under Construction Charlotte, NC; Washington DC; Miami; And Houston. Putter Philadelphia is located at 1400 N. Howard.

About Putter

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About Drive Shack Inc.

Drive Shack Inc. (NYSE: DS) The owner and operator of golf-related entertainment and entertainment businesses are focused on bringing together people through competitive social media. Today, our portfolio includes American Golf, Drive Shack and Puttery.

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