Putshak has signed a lease agreement with City Foundation STL

A highly innovative tech-led small golf experience by joining a creative community-centered complex in St. Louis

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ST. Louis, October 26, 2021 (PRNewswire) – Pitshak, the world’s first and only state-of-the-art, state-of-the-art mini-golf course, has signed a new lease agreement with the historic St. Louis Foundation for historic food and beverage 15-acre complex. Time Factory.


Located in the center of the city at 3730 Foundry Way and expected to open in Q3 2022, Putshak St. Louis will be part of the city’s Foundation Vision to build a new community embedded in the city’s creative history. ፑ Tshak attracts the city of St. Louis in search of a new playground and a good night.

The two-story, more than 26,500-square-foot venue combines the building’s historic fidelity with the beauty of St. Louis in design. The venue opens to a full-fledged first-floor mezzanine, featuring four custom, technologically advanced, highly competitive mini golf courses. Each course is powered by brand-led Trakaball ™ technology, which includes integrated game experience, flawless automated points, bonus point opportunities, interactive games at each well, and more. Putshak’s unique game is associated with creativity, an internationally inspired dining menu and a full cocktail bar, as well as world-class hospitality and high-end nightclub vibrations. Private and semi-party venues with direct access to the courses, as well as a wide terrace on the first floor will have easy access to the complex and other attractions.

“The City Foundation was a creative, community-oriented vision that was fast-paced and perfectly aligned with our own company values,” he said. Dave Diamond, Putshak President (and of University of Washington Law school). “As the future leader of technology in social entertainment, we can’t wait to bring Pitshak to St. Louis.”

In the heart of the center, City Foundation STL is an integrated community space with restaurants, entertainment venues, shops, offices and more. Midtown St.. Putsshak, east of the restaurant, offers another way to bring nightlife to the property.

“With the help of our partners Speed ​​characteristics“We are thrilled to add Pitshak as another first-location, adding experience gained by City Foundry STL.” Will Smith City Foundation STL. “You may have fond memories of playing mini-golf as a child, but Pitshak is giving back to the people of St. Louis in a new and renewed way. It is another opportunity to get something.

Putshak successfully won first place in the US Atlanta Interlock, which in April continued to excel in all areas of success, has earned three of its most popular brands. London Places. ፑSitshak is about to open. Oak band, pain., On November 3, 2021, Followed by Miami, Boston, Houston2022 in Scotsdale and St. Louis as well as Nashville and Atlanta High Street in 2023. The group expects to announce more areas in the United States in 2022 and beyond.

The Pitshak team, which has already been targeted by the young target, is continuing its strategic expansion plans, identifying the best places in the entire U.S. Pitshak with Mat Focht and Robert Johnson Adolescent concepts http://emergingconcepts.com/.

For more information about Puttshack, please visit http://www.puttshack.com.

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About Puttshack
ፑSitshak is a leading concept in a growing and emerging competitive social market. Tech-mixed miniature golf combined with a unique food and beverage supply is a must for many generations. Proprietary trackball technology allows guests to play a scoring game surrounded by high altitudes. Puttshack is a great place to host an off-site company, celebrate a birthday, a date night or simply hang out with friends. After opening first place in 2018, Pitshak now has three London Places and an American Area b Atlanta With great international plans to expand.

The company is headquartered in Chicago, Ill With the UK headquarters London. For more information, please visit tax https://www.puttshack.com

About City Foundation STL City Foundation STL (3730 Foundation Road, St. Louis, MO 63108) In the heart of St. Louis Midtown there are restaurants, entertainment venues, shops, offices and other integrated mixes for the community. Transformed from the more than 100-year-old Federal-Mogul Factory, the city’s Facebook Foundation celebrates the city’s industrial roots as it celebrates the future of St. Louis Hospitality in the Central Restaurant. Visit for more information about City Foundry STL development over here Also follow on social media Facebook And Instagram.

Pitshak (PRNewsfoto)
Pitshak (PRNewsfoto)

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