Purple Soccer Jeff Brom also has the eighth best contract in the country

Indianapolis – Purdue football coach Jeff Brom’s contract benefits include a $ 1,250-a-month car allowance, net income from the program’s sports camps, and up to $ 20,000 a year in Nike goods.

That means the average annual salary for the eight-year contract is $ 300,000, the maximum performance bonus is $ 2.52 million and additional compensation is $ 3 million to $ 5 million a year.

Those are some of the most lucrative reminders in the Bright Contract that some of the eighth best coaches in the NCAA Division I football team are:

Over the years, through public records requests, Kalish has collected contracts for head coaches at the College of Football.

Since I am an employment lawyer, I will then analyze the contract, summarize it, present it and then rate it in terms of salary, duration, pay, gold parachute, more (and more) in terms of a good contract. ”Says Kalish.

August 30, 2019;  Reno, NV, USA;  Jeff Brom, head coach of Nevada Reds Boiler Makers during the fourth quarter at McKay Stadium with the Nevada Wolf Package.

The 50-year-old Broh (according to Kalish, from the best contract in the country) is part of a list of the top ten, Dabo Swinny, Klimson. Nick Saban, Alabama; Steve Sarkishian, Texas; Lincoln Riley, Oklahoma; Ryan Day, Ohio State; Mel Tucker, Michigan State; Kyle Whittenham, Utah; Brom; Brett Bilma, Illinois; And Scott Frost, Nebraska.

The only Indiana coach to make the list of 97 is Mike New, the 92nd best contract player in the United States. Kalish has requested a public record for Indiana coach Tom Allen’s contract but has yet to receive it.

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