Public energy and utility point trading stopped

Public energy and utility point trading stopped

Based in Scotland Public labor Announces Termination of Business.

The power supply for the first community-owned company has been used by 350,000 households and 1,000 businesses, but on its website it said, “We are sorry to announce that it is discontinuing human energy business.”

Another provider, Utility point, With 220,000 domestic customers, is also closing.

Under Of OFF Power supply to SafetyNet, Consumer Point and Human Energy customers will continue and a higher credit balance is expected for domestic customers.

Utility point and Human Energy customers will be connected to their new provider, which will be selected by Ofege.

Meanwhile, OFFM’s advice to Utility Point and Human Energy customers is as follows:

  • Do not switch to another power provider until you have a new appointment and talked to them in the coming weeks.
  • Be prepared for counter reading when your new provider talks to you.
  • This makes transferring customers to the chosen provider and any advanced credit balances as smooth as possible.

Neil Lawrence, Director of Retail at OFM, “Although a supplier may be disturbed by news from a business, utility points and human energy customers do not need to worry. We make sure your power supplies continue under our security network. This is safe if you are a local customer who has a credit score on your bill or people energy bill and you will not lose any money.

“Ofgem selects a new provider for you and as we do so our advice is to wait until we appoint a new provider and until then we have not changed. You can count on your power supply as usual. We will update you when we select a new provider, then contact you about your new tariff.

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