PSEG reported a 1,500 breakdown due to rising electricity consumption

PSG Long Island is working to improve its grid with two major power cables failures and a third of its capacity, and urged its customers to cut off “all unnecessary” uses on Friday afternoon.

The temperature index could reach 104 degrees Fahrenheit, the PSAG said.

The utility has not made such a request in 20 years, and on Friday the electricity utilization forecast reached 5,100 megawatts, according to an LIPA official.

The utility was reporting more than 1,500 PSEG interruptions between 3pm and 7pm during the expected peak power consumption.

Most of the interruptions were in Montak without power at 928 customers.

In Montuk, Summer High, he hired temporary power generators and battery storage while working to strengthen the PSEG grid.

PSEG is developing overseas wind farms to increase local electricity supply.

At 2:45 p.m., Long Island customers were charging 4,988 MW 4,984 MW for the island, according to a real-time dashboard operator from New York, which manages the state’s grid.

PSEG is urging customers to avoid “all” unnecessary electrical use, to operate air conditioners “only for health reasons” and to use fans instead of AC.

For those who want AC, PSEG thermostats recommend setting to 78 degrees.

PSEG is asking customers not to use swimming pumps, washing machines and dishwashers from 3 to 7 p.m.

It also advises customers to close their blinds and curtains to “protect against the sun.”

PSEG has informed state and local emergency management officials and lawmakers about the measures.

Two power cables with a capacity of more than 1,200 megawatts have fallen in recent weeks, and will not be back online for a month to 10 weeks, Newsday reported on Wednesday.

That capacity is about 20% of the possible summer peak for Long Island.

The maximum was reached at 5,114 MW on Thursday, although it is not a record, from the 4,800 MW use to 5,000 MW PSEG earlier this week.

PSEG has announced a reduction in demand for certain commercial and residential users to reduce voluntary use during high demand times. Users will receive incentives to do so.

LIPA and PSEG have taken unusual steps to pay for the opening and maintenance of the New York power plant, which has a moth in Hollesville, so it is available to the local grid during cable breakdowns.

One of the fallen cables, owned by the NYPA, will be held from the Y-49 to the New Rochelle Line in the Eastern Paradise City.

The cable has suffered a number of failures over the years, according to LIPA.

NYPA said it was working on long-term repairs to the cable.

The other failed cable, the Y-50 line, jointly owned and operated by LIP and Con Edison, may not return until September, officials said.

Neptune cable to New Jersey earlier this year after a 660 MW half-capacity transformer failed and will not return online until next year.

Each megawatt will power up to 1,000 homes.


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