Protesters stop tanker loading at Libya’s largest oil terminal |

Protests in several key gas stations, including Libya’s crude oil production and relative stability in recent months, have barred the tanker from being loaded at the main port.

Protesters at the ASSider Terminal distorted the Suezmax tanker Janice P, sources familiar with the matter told Bloomberg on Wednesday.

The protesters were demanding the resignation of the chairman of the National Petroleum Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanala.

Tensions between Libya’s top oil officials were reported late last month, with Libyan Oil Minister Mohamed Unu announcing his resignation.

Argu quoted Libyan sources as saying on Tuesday that the protesters were seeking work at the port of Tobruk in eastern Libya.

The closure of Tobruk’s main port, which supplies most of its oil products, has not yet affected any tanker destinations or departures. The gate, however, also serves as a port for the Marsha El Hariga terminal, which is used to export crude oil.

According to Argus Tanker, exports of the two credits averaged 221,000 barrels (bpd) per day.

The next tanker in Tobruk or Marrsa El Hariga will arrive on Thursday, September 9th.

Protests at Libya’s oil terminals come at a time when the OPEC, a member of OPEC, is free of cuts.

Tensions between Owen and Sanala have escalated since Owen was appointed Minister of Petroleum in March in the National Unity Government, for the first time in five years.

“If the country does not resolve its long-standing budget dispute, Libya will struggle to maintain its oil production,” On told Bloomberg last month. Libya’s plan to increase oil production is the first national budget in ten years due to disagreements over the country’s budget.

According to OPEC’s latest monthly market report, Libya’s crude oil production was 1.165 million BPD in July, up from 1.163 million BPD in June.

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