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I am a Class XI student. I realized that I did not want to pursue engineering or medical care. Still, I’m interested in computer science. What kind of undergraduate degree should I apply for a lucrative career in computer science?

Monisha Saha, Madhimgram.

Students interested in computer science generally pursue BTech in information technology, computer science or electronics and communications. But there are other ways to pursue a career in computer science. I guess you took science in class XI in math or computer science. You can choose BSC in Computer Science here. You need to start learning programming languages ​​such as Python, R, Java and develop practical skills in code. You can run small projects on your own or practice such projects with companies. Attend science fairs and exhibitions and update yourself on the latest trends in the IT and technology fields. All this will strengthen your profile and help you get a good job.

If you are interested in design and technology, you can look at courses in web design and graphic design. For web design, you can do a bachelor’s degree in graphic / web design. There are also many short courses and diploma programs. Ethical hacking is another area of ​​rapid growth. To do this you need to work with a computer science or BCA BSc with a hacking certificate course.

Remember that choosing a suitable profession depends on your personality, interests, and abilities.

Excellent ability in the energy sector

I work for the government in the energy sector and have 13 years of experience as an engineer. I want to add value to my portfolio and gain new experience. I would like to pursue advanced studies related to my farm (energy, green energy, sustainable energy, etc.). But I am confused and do not have enough knowledge to make a choice. Please guide me.

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This is a great time to go to work on a green or sustainable basis. This is one of the best jobs of our time, with tech giants like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Jeff Bezos, and Jack Ma making huge investments in clean and sustainable energy.

So, you can pursue an MBA in energy management or renewable energy. This is a relatively new stream in India but it has a wide range. MBA energy graduates for energy resources management, environmental impact assessment, energy auditing, energy saving technologies, energy pricing, energy economics, energy marketing, etc. Some colleges offer this course are universities of Petroleum and Energy Studies. Dehradun, Great Lakes Administration Institute, Gurgaon, Institute for Management Development, Gurgaon, National Energy Training Institute, Badarpur and Symbiosis International Trade Institute, Pune.

You can also work abroad with renewable energy MSc. Some of the best courses are available in Sweden, the UK, Denmark, Germany and the US. Most courses are available as distance learning programs or online courses. Coursera, an online course provider, also offers short-term programs at top universities around the world.

There is a connection between the two and you can get a certificate of risk analysis / management with your MSc from Renewable Energy. Another thing you can do is find a consultant and work on printing paper in this area. All of these things will enhance your profile and help you gain new experience.

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