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Residents of Whitley, a small community in southwestern Ontario, continue to disrupt the work of the first responders, and are being asked to stay away from the site of a major explosion on Thursday due to ongoing hydrogen sulfide gas leaks.

At least 20 people were injured in the blast, which took place at 6pm on Etri Street and Batbot Street at Whitley Core. After monitoring equipment warned of an increase in gas, emergency personnel arrived at about 90 minutes.

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First Story – 3 People Injured and 2 Buildings in Wheatley, Ontario

During a conference call update on Friday, local emergency and municipal officials confirmed that gas had continued to flow in the area, causing a second explosion.

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“That’s why our evacuation zone is two blocks away,” said Case-Kents fire chief Chris Case.

To reduce the numbers, we have police and public works officers who restrict people from driving to the area. We do not know what is happening underground at this time. ”

Damaged buildings on the other side of the road from the site of the explosion on August 26, 2021, in Watley.

Bobby Lavoi

“We ask everyone to stay away. Please don’t joke, and so on. It is an insecure and unstable environment, ”said Chatham-Kent Mayor Darin Kanif.

Surprisingly, no one was killed in the blast, but at least three people were hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, and four were hospitalized with minor / life-threatening injuries. Case reports that 13 other people have been treated and released.

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Three of the injured worked for the municipality, including those in urgent need of surgery.

At the time of the blast, workers were on their way to evacuate people in the area. In total, more than 100 first responders descended on Hutley to move into the future, including OPP, Winsor EMS, and Ontario hazardous materials and urban search and rescue teams, officials said.

“I can’t overestimate the amazing response of the first responders. They saved lives yesterday. There is no doubt in my mind, ”said Kanif.

“They were there and drove many people out of the area. If anyone has seen the image of the scene and the explosion, they know that it is not good to be right in that heart. ”

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It was not immediately clear how many people were displaced, but those asked were asked to call 311 or contact the Whitley Arena reception center. Affected businesses are linked to the Chatham-Kent Economic Development Group.

The City of London also helped the Wheatley community “whenever they needed it.” Twitter From Lensch Deputy Mayor Josh Morgan.

Ongoing gas leaks are disrupting the work of staff and investigators, including members of the Ontario Fire Department. Officials said no action could be taken until the gas source was discovered, especially the cause of the explosion.

“You really have toxic, toxic, destructive, and explosive debris on the floor,” Case said. I want someone to come and give us technical skills on how to calm down before we go near that building.

Officials appointed to the White House headquarters in June following the discovery of hydrogen sulfide. The red brick building and the white building next to it were destroyed in Thursday’s blast.

Chatham-Kent Municipality

The blast is the latest in a series of summer evacuations for Whitley residents in the northern part of Pete Pelle National Park and about 35 minutes southwest of Chatham.

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Problems first erupted on June 2 in the area where hydrogen sulfide gas exploded on Thursday, leading to the evacuation of more than two dozen residents and the imposition of a state of emergency.

Hydrogen sulfide is a colorless, destructive, and toxic gas that smells like rotten eggs and can cause chest pain, difficulty breathing, vomiting, and headaches.

Authorities at the time said the gas was consistent with groundwater, but that was not determined, and it was unclear where the gas came from.

No gas was available until June 4, and as of June 19, the eviction order had been lifted for most properties, excluding 9 Tulbot St. and 15 Eri St. N, and the municipality said in a statement that it was working with them. Property owners must install gas controls before lifting the state of emergency.

However, on July 20, about a month later, after the discovery of hydrogen sulfide in gas at 15 acres, the community fell under the second evacuation order and the state of emergency. At least 52 people have fled the area in 23 homes and 13 businesses.

Analysis of the sample by hazards showed that the gas station was “deep in the ground.” Thermogen gas response, ”Case said Friday.

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According to a statement issued at the time, “the state of emergency has been reduced to 15 acres.”

The state of emergency, however, remained vigilant, and was still in place when Thursday’s blast occurred.

In an update on August 3, the municipality said it had promised the state to investigate gas leaks, identify the source and determine what to do to stop further incidents.

They have been removed for more than three weeks, but Chatham-Kent officials expressed frustration over what they say is a lack of action on Friday. “Whitley’s people live in fear,” said Mayor Canfiff.

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We continue to call on the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forest Development to take responsibility for the situation and use its authority and expertise to find the source and rectify the situation.

Chatham-Kent’s chief administrative officer, Don Schroeder, told reporters that in response to the emergency, the municipality was responsible for managing the abandoned gas wells, which are believed to be the source of the leaks.

“Last night, thanks to them, they called, but we ask them to take control of the situation and find out what the source of the gas is and conduct an investigation.

“We don’t want people living in fear,” he said. We want the district to be elevated and controlled. We do not have the power of the legislature to ask property owners to investigate, or we do not have the authority – this is the state.

The most damaged building is in Whitley, Ont.

Text / Greg Heatington

He noted that the district had set up a task force to investigate previous gas-related incidents, the district, municipal pressure, leaks, and gas wells in southwestern Ontario.

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You have identified someone who will serve as the project leader. They were in contact with us. ”

I think our frustration is that they really want to take the lead and control the investigation and find out what steps need to be taken to find and facilitate information to identify the source.

980 CFPL reached the county for comment but did not respond in time for publication. Municipal officials say they have requested a meeting with the region to request a formal action plan.

“No one was killed and many people were not injured. There was a sense of relief among the people,” he said. .

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August 14, 2020 – London, On. Explosion – Firefighters say night after 1 year

Thursday’s blast is not the first in Wheatley.

A.D. According to a 1951 edition of the Kent Historical Society, the community came out of an abandoned hole in the city and in 1935 IOOF was blown up.

There was great joy in knowing that gas wells in Romini were tiring and that there was an abundance of supplies, ”the statement said.

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“Farmers whose wells are boring on the farm receive $ 200 a year, and each provides free gas for heating and lighting. Whitley streets were gassed and blown up in the village around 1907, all used for domestic purposes.

According to the publication, seven gas wells in Whitley were boring, “in the end, but sometimes they are active” – ​​citing the aftermath of the 1935 explosion.

A brief description of a leak in the 1935 Kent Historical Society in Whitley, Ont.

Kent Historical Society through Chatham-Kent Public Library

Asked about this historical detail on Friday, Schroeder authorities said they were aware of the aftermath of the 1930s bombing, but did not hear about it.

“We have been told by some in the private sector that the most likely cause of this leak is a leak.”

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If there are thousands of abandoned gas wells, there are hundreds in our area. They extend from the Niagara Peninsula to Windsor. ”

He said the municipality was trying to gather information and historical evidence to help find the current source of gas.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry records, some of which are old. We have a record of at least two gas wells near the site of the explosion. But the records are only good in the 200 meters. ”

He added: “If you draw a 200-meter circle around the site of the blast site, that includes a large part of downtown.”

አንዳንድ Digging holes (and) trying to figure out where this is is not practical until you get some better information, because every time you do that you run the risk of catching another type of event.

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