Probability Media Corporation announces corporate updates

The company incurs additional debt and issues to shareholders

Coconut Crack, Fla., September 21, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ProBility Media Corp. (ProBility) (OTCPK: PBYA), an educational company that builds the first online full-service training and professional development product for skills, today offers a number of corporate updates.

The Company will update its application requirements to ensure compliance with OTC Markets and SEC Regulation 15c2-11.

On August 31, 2021 Upstryve Inc, a nationally leading provider of merchants, has been shut down. The transaction included a limited joint stock of 692,500,000 shares to Upstryve shareholders. The company’s acquisition did not affect the reversal of the joint stock and remained subject to the SEC’s reporting obligations.

The company continues to settle debts that may change when shares are issued. Debt settlement It was in 2017 and 2018. Debt has previously been described as a long-term strategy to clear the company’s balance sheet.

Since June 2021 The company announced a number of successful initiatives and contracts.

  • The end of 2021 will include the reduction of corporate debt by including financial files $ 8.1 million Eliminating accumulated operating losses since 2018 $ 12.9 million A.D. Turning operating profit in 2018 to 2020 and 2021
  • As a limited reporting company comply with SEC regulation 15c2-11
  • Upstryve Inc., a global leader in online teaching for the professional industry, has announced that the company will not create a reversal of the transaction.
  • The announcement of the company’s name from the Probity Media Corporation to Upstryve will be completed soon.
  • Partnership agreement with CM Labs and the company’s North American Crane Bureau (NACB) to sell CM Labs to their customers.
  • As the North American Crane Office celebrates its 35th anniversary
  • Upstryve partnered with Bizfluence Inc., an alternative social media platform for professionals for corporate messaging and customer community behavior.
  • New customer contracts for North American Crane Office, including Ford, Tesla, BA Systems, Dominion Energy and other Fortune 500 companies
  • New International Partnerships South America Including four companies in the NCB Peru
  • Appointment of new corporate officers, including COO, CFO, CIO, CMO and CLO
  • Hire a leading marketing and branding company 154 Agency to manage the company’s digital marketing, branding and social experience.
  • STEM Initiative with CPS Energy at Disco Learning Media, a subsidiary of the company
  • Continuous expansion of partnership from Etron Inc., the company’s subsidiary, Disco Education Media until 2024
  • Launch of a pre-service training program for businesses through Upstryve
  • Test materials for electricians, including wholesale sales for companies such as Wesco, Platt Electric, Reinforced Electric Distributors, Urban Electric Supply, Rexel and Grebar.
  • More than 500% growth in one-on-one preparation in online education and virtual programs due to Covid-19.

We are proud of the company’s recent achievements. Each and every member of the team has contributed to the successful growth and development of the company. Noah Davis, president of Probability Media Corporation, said. We have placed the company at the forefront of virtual online education, education, training and testing in a large, unarmed industry that is slow to accept virtual education. Technology. “

“Management and many of the company’s employees are interested in the success of the company. The working group is limited to more than 1 billion shares. Our investors have been very supportive of our mission, our path and our success. Thank you so much for this support. “

We feel like we are in the right place at the right time, with investors investing heavily in online education and teaching companies. We are one of the largest companies in the area that is hosting a Probity and Upstairs implementation. Continued Mr. Davis.

The company plans to announce its financial results in the first quarter before or after October 15, 2021 In accordance with OTC markets.

About Upstryve Inc.

Upstryve is the only learning platform designed to provide an affordable, comprehensive learning experience for aspiring professionals. Upstryve offers a 1-on-1 contractor test test for professionals to pass their state or national exams and obtain a contractor’s license. The platform connects future business professionals with experienced business educators and teachers. They work with guardians who guide students in their normal struggles and help them gain the confidence they need before test day. The instructors teach all construction and professions, National Trade Association exams, contractors, electricians, plumbers, HVCs. Upstryve provides existing industry professionals with access to three sources, including hourly rates, related study materials and research materials, test questions and specialized courses through the forum. For more information, visit

About Probability Media Corporation

Providence Media Corporation is headquartered in Industrial Education and Training Technology Company Coconut Creek, Florida, Provides online and physical education, including training in a variety of professional industries. Probability is working to disrupt the education and training market by providing high quality training courses and materials. ProBility clients from individual to small business to enterprise level corporation. Visit for more information

Future Statements

This press release may contain some forward-looking statements in the 1995 Privacy Guarantee Amendment Act. These statements reflect the current beliefs of the company and are based on current information. Accordingly, such forward-looking statements include known and unknown risks, instability, and other factors that may cause the Company’s actual results, performance, or achievements to differ materially from those described or indicated in the statement. The Company is not obligated to update or advise on any changes, additions or alterations made in this press release unless required by federal security laws.

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