Probability Media Corporation announces a number of corporate initiatives

Announces coping with multiple convertible notebooks and appoints new corporate officers

Coconut Crack, Fla., August 12, 2021 (PRNewswire) – ProBility Media Corp (OTCPK: PBYA), an education company that will build its first online full-service full-service training and professional development product, fix some of its volatile debt and appoint key new corporate officers. The organization.

One of the most recent efforts to restructure the balance sheet, the company has been successfully restructured $ 500,000 Flexible debt for limited joint stock. The limited joint stock is included in the shares issued to the acquisition shareholders. The note holders said they are encouraged by the company’s reorganization and reorganization with OTC Markets.

We are happy to continue to clean up our balance sheet by adding Upstryve to the Family of Probability companies without affecting the reverse distribution. We will continue to work towards a healthy balance sheet and a business model with high growth opportunities. , Especially in the field of online education and vocational training. Explained Noah Davis, President of Probability.

Company announces key corporate officer positions

Probability named Dana Jackson As the Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Jackson currently holds the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing at the North American Crane Office. In addition to sales, Mr. Jackson handles all logistics and operations for training programs. Prior to the NACB, Mr. Jackson had previously worked in sales related to learning management systems. Mr. Jackson holds key relationships with Fortune 500 companies and training directors in a number of industries that are critical to growth.

Probolity also made a name for itself Lauren Pino As a new Finance Officer (CFO). Ms. Pino has held the position of supervisor in the North American crane office for the past three years. She has played a key role in probation improvement efforts and is working to keep the company up-to-date with OTC markets. Mrs. Pino takes over the role Noah Davis Remaining president of the company.

Probolity also gave a name Juan Garcia As the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) for the company. Mr. Garcia Prior to selling the company to ProBility in 2018, he was the co-founder and president of Disco Education Media (Disco). He has been president of Disco since then. He brings years of experience working with the academy world, including government agencies, nonprofits, and universities. He was behind the development of programs such as Energy 101, Top Core and others.

Probability named Johanna Viscano As the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) for the company. Ms. Viccaino previously held a similar position at Upstryve. She is an experienced digital content producer in the e-learning industry. She has been a key figure in the branding and development behind the brand.

Probability named Ore Gross As the Chief Information Officer (CIO). Mr. Gross He worked with ProBility before the first reverse integration in 2016. During that time he served as IT manager. He brings years of experience in education management systems and electronic forums.

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About ProBility Media Corp.

Providence Media Corporation is headquartered in Industrial Education and Training Technology Company Coconut Creek, Florida, Provides instruction in online and physical programs, including training in a variety of professional industries. Probability is working to disrupt the education and training market by providing high quality training courses and materials. ProBility clients from individual to small business to enterprise level corporation. Visit for more information

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